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Is This the Right Time to Sell your Franchise to a Private Equity Firm?

The CEO of iFranchise Group maintains that right now has never been a better point to consider the move.


How to Keep Workplace Relationships Drama-Free: Advice from Family-Run Franchises

The personal and professional are never entirely separate. But learning how to balance the two can make for a lasting, successful business. Ask the folks who run businesses with the people they know best.


Why Restaurants Depend on Location, Location, Location

Zip codes, demographics and the local population will dictate the success of your establishment.


Why Your Franchise Depends on Strong Unit Economics, And 5 Ways To Strengthen Them

Unit economics are the lifeblood in every franchise opportunity. Here's how to boost yours.

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The State of Franchising in 2022

FRANdata provides valuable insight on the state of franchising in 2022 and what to expect looking forward.

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Baskin-Robbins Is Dropping 3 New Flavors and a Line of Ice-Cream-Themed Merch

From new flavors to a full line of limited-edition merch – the iconic American staple is encouraging customers to celebrate all that is sweet.

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Building Your Franchise Community

Tips on building a strong, centralized brand.


It's Time to Stop Emphasizing Defense and Start Playing Offense

Particularly in the multi-unit franchise sector, now's the time for owners keen to break out of a pandemic rut to get dynamic, positive and proactive.

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Effective Referral Tactics That'll Attract New Franchisees

Franchisors should implement these strategies to close new deals.

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5 Ways Brands Can Get the Most out of a Franchise Trade Show

Put your best foot forward in the sales-rich environment.

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4 Networking Practices That Are Essential to Know in the Franchise Industry

These business techniques will make you a pro in the franchise space.

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5 Ways to Improve Franchisor-Franchisee Communications

Here are some useful strategies for open and honest dialogue.

Grow Your Franchise

Five Franchise Marketing Trends For 2022

Fast track your growth with these insights as we head into the new year.

Growing a Business

5 Boxes to Check Before Expanding Your Franchise Outside the U.S.

You can successfully branch into new markets by being prepared and knowing how to do it properly.


The Time Is Now to Become A Franchisee Under Historically Good Terms

It is finally a tenant's market, and prospective franchisees are making unusually good deals this year -- but it won't last forever.