Video: 3 Keys to Creating a Great Customer Experience at Your Franchise Scott Greenberg, author of 'The Wealthy Franchisee,' discusses building a happy and loyal customer base.

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Scott Greenberg, author of The Wealthy Franchisee, says that if he could only give one piece of advice to franchise owners on growing their business, he would say to focus on the customer experience. In the above video, he breaks down why in the end, your business lives and dies by customer happiness and loyalty.

1. Marketing is just a starting point

"A lot of people think marketing is what's most important. Well, obviously marketing is important cuz it brings people to the business, but customer service is what brings people back to the business. It's what gets them talking. When we can provide an extraordinary customer experience, they're gonna remember us, talk about us and come back for more. They're gonna do our marketing for us."

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2. Understanding the customer connections

"Understand the difference between what the customer gets and how the customer feels. So let's look at three ways to do this. The first is to drop the script and lose the robotics. So many businesses have the same kind of greetings, the same kinds of farewells. They have a certain script that they stick to and they sound like robots. You've heard it a million times. Next in line, may I help you? Thank you. Come again. Have a nice day. Our job is not to wish customers a nice day. Our job is to give them one. And the way we do that is by really relating to them human to human and being present right there in the moment."

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3. Exceed their expectations

"The third way to enhance the customer experience is to throw in some kind of surprise that exceeds their expectations. Maybe a take a little bit off the bill or maybe you throw a little something. Maybe you give them some little gift or a sample — do something that kind of breaks them out of that transaction trance and makes them feel like, Wow, this is something special. This is not something I usually get. Be very deliberate about elevating their emotions."

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