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10 Innovative Ways to Analyze Google Analytics Data to Increase Sales You'll find many ways to give people a second chance to buy by thinking like a shopper while analyzing how they browse your site.

By Rocco Baldassarre

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Google Analytics is a gold mine and you should look at every bit of data thinking: how can I use this data to maximize my conversions? You will definitively be able to identify new marketing opportunities, but devising new ways to use this data to maximize profits is a job all by itself. Here are 10 ways you will find are effective.

1. Remarket to users based on affinity categories

Looking at the "Affinity Categories" in your audience details allows to figure out which users' profiles are generating you the most revenue. You can then include them in a remarketing audience to use in AdWords. Examples of affinity categories could be: music lovers, TV lovers, shoppers, home décor enthusiast and much more!

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2. Compare the profitability of new vs returning customers

Most of the times, returning users generate the majority of the profit. If that is your case you need to create a remarketing list for your "new visitors" segment and remarket to them in order to maximize the chances for a conversion.

3. Retarget to users from profitable browsers

Did you know that there could be broad differences in the profit you can generate from different browsers? You might find out that one browser generating less traffic accounts for the same amount of revenue than a browser with more traffic.

It is a good move to create a retargeting audience that focuses on the most profitable browsers to boost their traffic and increase your overall results.

4. Remarket using events tracking

Setting up event tracking is fundamental. For instance, if you track the people clicking on your website chat box you will be able to create a remarketing audience that includes them. This audience will have a much better quality than an "all visitors" audience since it includes people that showed interest in your business and contacted you.

This concept can be applied to many more events on your site, such as a click on a call to action button, a click on a given area of a page (e.g. a click on a drop down menu) and much more!

5. Remarket by item visited but not purchased

Not all users buy the first time they land on your website. The majority of people try to find the best deal for the items they are looking for. A great way to sell more is to create an audience that includes people that have visited top sold items, spent more than one minute on the page and did not purchase yet.

This allows you to advertise to people that are highly interested in a product and are still in their decision making process.

6. Remarket by top traffic source

Find out the traffic sources that have the best ratio between visitors and revenue and create custom remarketing audiences to maximize your profit. This can be done for visitors that come in via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other referral site.

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7. Remarket by page visited and revenue

You might have enough data to spot a page that converts quite well or a page that, if visited, maximizes the conversion rate. People that visited this page for at least one minute or more and did not convert are a great target for our remarketing campaign.

Ideally, you would create a custom message for these users in order to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

8. Remarket to relevant mobile Users on desktop devices

Your website is most likely generating mobile traffic and conversions. However, it might be that a lot of interested users did not convert due to a lack of time or because they wanted to do it from a desktop device later on.

Identify good mobile users by filtering out people with a low time on site and create a list of users that did not convert. You can now use this list to remarket on desktop devices.

9. Retarget to users of your top converting keywords on AdWords

It is a good idea to advertise to people that searched on Google using one of your top keywords by conversions and did not convert after visiting your site. The only challenge here is that you might not have enough traffic to work with so you might want to open up to more keywords than just the top converting (this really depends on the current size of your account).

10. Work with in-market segments

The "in-market segments" identifies people that are "in the market" for a given product category. In a few words, these are people close to a purchase in a given product category. Analytics will tell you how much profit you generated for users in each "in-market segment".

In-market Segment is not yet available for use in Remarketing Audience definitions. Google will hopefully make it available for remarketing relatively soon.

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Rocco Baldassarre

Founder & CEO of Zebra Advertisement &

Rocco Baldassarre is a digital marketing consultant and entrepreneur. He is best known as the founder of the award-winning digital marketing agency Zebra Advertisement and the youngest Google Partners All-Stars Winner at the age of 24.

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