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3 Exclusive Events for Top Entrepreneurs to Unplug and Recharge Elite entrepreneurs are flocking to non-traditional events to build deep relationships with others at the top of their game.

Mary Delaney | The Oracles

There are plenty of events for entrepreneurs throughout the year, but where can you unplug, recharge, and deeply connect with the most elite performers? We asked Advisors from The Oracles for their top picks when planning their calendars.

Attended by some of today's biggest niche influencers in business, these events are intimate and highly curated, and they far exceed your average conference experience. Ranging from laid-back and fun-filled to earnest and contemplative, the experiences are just as much about forging lifelong relationships as they are about learning from peers.

You might ask, "Which do I choose?" The answer depends on where you are in your journey and what you value. So, we've outlined key details about each event to help you decide. The order is alphabetical, not a ranking. It's worth noting that you have to apply or be invited to all of them, and the selection processes are rigorous.

1. Baby Bathwater Institute

Price: $10,000, all inclusive

Location: Private island

Details: 5 days, 150 attendees

Founders: Michael Lovitch and Hollis Carter

Who's Going: Demographics

Doers who have created and are running successful companies, innovative brand founders who care about their craft, plus the agency founders and freelancers who can help them grow.

The best of the best when it comes to digital marketing expertise for omni-channel brands. You'll recognize quite a few names in the crowd, but this isn't the focus.

  • Average company revenue in the mid-eight figures.
  • Gender ratio of 60 percent male, 40 percent female.
  • Geographical mix of 50 percent U.S. and Canada, 50 percent international.

Who's Going: Psychographics

Baby Bathwater caters to founders who genuinely care about what they're selling and their audience, who have a passion for helping others, and who aren't concerned with status. Attendees value having a great time and forging lasting business relationships. Since this is a "give first" event, you're bound to meet others who are interested in you more than what you can do for them. You also have to be fun — there's a lot of swimming, dancing, and singing until the sun comes up.

The Event

The private island setting provides precisely the type of atmosphere you'd expect: free-spirited and unconstrained while doing fun things.

Every 90 minutes, there are optional content workshops where you can learn about anything from Facebook media-buying strategies, creating wealth, and biohacking to hiring and managing creative teams.

Or you can go swimming, hop on a boat ride, go mountain biking, or do some brain training — there's a lot of variety and choice.

It's constructed so you have ample time to deeply connect with the people you vibe with. The founders take the time to review every attendee to give you at least three "perfect matches" — people you can seek out to meet because of the obvious synergistic connection.

There's always delicious, healthy food and drinks included (no credit card needed).

The "no pitching" rule means that you can't try to sell or pitch anything.

It's for you if you …

  • Prefer a small-town feel that's loose on structure and high on quality.
  • Are not into status, i.e., mingling with influencers or becoming one.
  • Like having everything included (airport transportation, lodging, and healthy meals).
  • Love live music and dancing until the small hours of the night.

It's not for you if you …

  • Are hunting for celebrity entrepreneurs who will pose for selfies.
  • Need a lot of structure to stay on track and reap the benefits of the event.
  • Care most about finding new clients or promoting an upcoming business venture, like a book or product launch.

Getting In

Attendees apply or are invited. You'll have to interview with one of the founders before being accepted. (The acceptance rate is low because they're highly selective.) They look specifically at your personality, especially your self-awareness, generosity, kindness, social skills, and ability to have fun.

2. Camp Maverick

Price: $4,500, all inclusive

Location: Outdoor luxury summer camp

Details: 3 days, 120 attendees

Founder: Yanik Silver

Who's Going: Demographics

A range of entrepreneurs and thought leaders. Gritty doers mixed in with visionaries and influencers, plus some digital marketing experts.

You will recognize some of the names of the "camp counselors," but there's more status separation between attendees and the speakers than the other two events.

  • Average company revenue in the mid-seven figures.
  • Gender ratio of 60 percent male, 40 percent female.
  • Geographical mix of 90 percent U.S. and Canada, 10 percent international.

Who's Going: Psychographics

Camp Maverick welcomes growth-minded "in the trenches" entrepreneurs who want to make an impact. You'll meet many people who are ready for a significant personal shift. The crowd is fun-loving and giving — most have a real passion for making a difference in the world around them.

The Event

Camp Maverick is run just like a summer camp, which is nostalgic and fresh. Think lake, campfires, and luxury cabins, except your fellow campers will be other entrepreneurs like you.

The activities are playful and engaging: costume parties, silent discos, and their own version of a talent show called, "The Great Green Gong Show." Adventure activities like mountain biking and water sports are also available.

The daily agenda is structured and includes informal conversations led by "camp counselors" who are company founders from a wide variety of industries. But it also includes more unusual topics like lucid dreaming and shaman ceremonies. There are also opportunities to connect with charity partners and dive deeply into philanthropy.

No business cards allowed!

It's for you if you …

  • Do best in a structured environment when it comes to both fun activities and learning.
  • Want to get more involved in philanthropy.
  • Have a creative side, love dressing up, and want to indulge in music or theater.

It's not for you if you …

  • Want serious luxury-level comfort. (They don't do bunk beds, but while there's maid service and air conditioning, it's still a summer camp.)
  • Don't want a schedule telling you where to be and when.
  • Are not particularly into spirituality. (This event doesn't focus on spirituality, but if you have an aversion to it, Camp Maverick may not be for you.)

Getting In

Attendees apply or are invited. Yanik is most interested in those who are looking for personal growth and a tangible way to give back.

3. Mastermind Talks

Price: $10,000, not all inclusive

Location: High-end resort in the U.S.

Details: 3 days, 150 attendees

Founder: Jayson Gaignard

Who's Going: Demographics

Agencies, authors, brand owners, coaches, influencers, and thought leaders, including people with large platforms and followings.

The group is ideal for developing partnerships and building your digital influence. If you listen to podcasts, read business or self-development books, or spend a great deal of time on social media, you'll recognize several names.

  • Average company revenue in the low eight figures.
  • Gender ratio of 60 percent male, 40 percent female.
  • Geographical mix of 85 percent U.S. and Canada, 15 percent international.

Who's Going: Psychographics

Mastermind Talks (MMT) curates based on your influence and what you've accomplished, and looks for people doing interesting work. Branding is big here, and attendees have invested much more work into their public personas.

The focus is on having serious conversations. There's not the level of fun and play you'll find at the other two events. Everyone is curious and open to different viewpoints. As a result, you'll end up having deep conversations about fascinating subjects. This can lead to relationships over time.

The Event

MMT is always held at a nice resort in a relaxing, stress-free environment.

Most of your experience will be curated just for you. This means you'll be strategically placed next to the people you'll be most interested in meeting.

Daily agendas packed with discussions and structured activities commence early in the morning. Expect keynotes from well-known professionals and thought leaders, as well as carefully-designed roundtables.

There are times to be free and connect, but it's not the focus. There also isn't much of a late night scene like the other events.

While there's not a hard-and-fast "no pitching" rule, it's still frowned upon to solicit another attendee explicitly. No business cards are allowed!

It's for you if you …

  • Want to be around influencers and business leaders with large followings and platforms.
  • Prefer serious, structured events.
  • Enjoy the amenities and conveniences of a luxury resort.

It's not for you if you …

  • Want an all-inclusive experience where you don't have to pay for lodging or after-hours drinks.
  • Enjoy connecting over late-night conversations and hijinks.
  • Want a business event with a lot of freedom and flexibility.

Getting In

Attendees apply or are invited. Jayson personally reviews all applicants before accepting them. Since MMT is so selective, it's best if you have connections who can vouch for you — whom you might meet at the other two events!

Which one is for you?

It's obviously a tough choice, which is why there's some overlap in the attendees. To summarize each event in "sound bites":

Baby Bathwater Institute: "I met my best business friends at Baby Bathwater," "Mind-blowing," "Completely changed my business," "Not one asshole," "Conversations were next level."

Camp Maverick: "Like being back at summer camp," "Feels good tying into charity," "Loved showing off my creative talent," "A safe place to explore my spirituality," "Inspirational."

Mastermind Talks: "Unbelievable concentration of connections," "Loved the match-making," "A lot of useful business resources," "Really enjoyed the focused conversations," "I felt like a VIP."

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