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5 Opportunities Born of Creating Content for Free Writing for large publications can seem discouraging until the benefits start to roll in.

By Tyler Leslie Edited by Dan Bova

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Writing for large publications can sometimes be disheartening, reducing your motivation and making you feel like you're not getting anywhere with your content. Think about it, you're taking time out of your busy day to write a piece of content for free that may or may not attract very much attention. But, instead of looking at it from a negative perspective, try looking at it from a positive perspective.

Ask yourself these questions, "What are the possibilities for writing for this publication? How can I benefit from writing for them? Will it really be worth my time?" These are the same questions I asked myself when I started writing. After being featured on some of the Internet's most popular websites like Entrepreneur, SUCCESS Magazine and The Huffington Post, I have been presented with many new opportunities.

Below I have listed five opportunities that can come from writing for large publications:

1. Speaking opportunities.

If public speaking is something you are interested in, writing for large publications can help provide the platform for people to hear your voice. It will help you gain exposure and build credibility in your industry.

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I've personally leveraged my writing for large publications to secure paid speaking engagements. Not only did it show my credibility, but it also gave the event organizer a chance to read my content to see if my writing was interesting enough to have me speak at an event they put together.

2. Finding new clients.

If you run a business, finding new clients is something that is very important to the growth of your company. Writing for large publications can do just that. And it can happen for free. They distribute your content for free to their audience.

That will naturally bring you to the attention of people you may be looking to add to your customer base. It doesn't always mean you will get a sale, but it brings more awareness to your brand or business.

3. Collaborating with industry leaders.

Now that content creation is such an important aspect to the business world, it brings you closer than ever to the industry leaders. For example, lets say you write for Entrepreneur and the topic that you write about is marketing. You start to figure out the experts in the industry that may not have a large public profile but are killing it in their space.

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Once you start following and interacting with them on social media you can begin building that connection. Once you have started building the relationship, it lends you the audacity to ask them a question for an article that you're writing. Most often, they are happy to let you quote them. This will, in turn, help build your relationship with that expert, which can lead to other collaborative opportunities in the future.

4. Finding a job.

Writing for large publications in order to find a job is underestimated. Writing gives you the opportunity to showcase your communication skills and your knowledge in a particular industry. There are a lot of people that don't want to start their own businesses, so they are just looking for a job that they enjoy.

Writing for large publications can lead to many different jobs like being an editor for a blog, ghostwriting content for companies, column writing positions, or holding your own workshops or training sessions. With the writing that I've done, I can't tell you how many times I've been approached for different types of jobs, based on writing. Copywriting and editing jobs are in high demand at the moment, so don't be afraid to showcase your skills as a writer to impress a company.

5. Creating a business.

Most people are under the impression that they have to own their own business before they start writing about an industry. While there is some truth to that, it's not always the case. Maybe you have worked in a specific industry for so long, that you have experienced the good and the bad.

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As you start writing about your experiences and your opinions you might see an opportunity where you could create your own business based off what you've been a part of. Writing for publications can be an easy way to get feedback on those ideas.

There are immense opportunities for you when you start writing for large publications. I have listed some of the most common opportunities out there, but don't let it make you think these are the only ones. Start writing and see what opportunities come your way.

Tyler Leslie

Writer, speaker, manager of Addicted2Success.com

Tyler Leslie left his father's very successful family business in 2015 to chase after his own dreams. Leslie has been featured in SUCCESS Magazine, The Huffington Post and more. Leslie and his girlfriend Carla Schesser are speakers and help small businesses, bloggers or anyone that has something to say get their voice featured online. You can check out their website www.carlaandtyler.com. Leslie is also managing the motivational and personal development blog Addicted2Success.com.

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