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5 Simple Strategies for Landing High-Ticket Clients as a Coach The truth is that you can be successful without becoming overwhelmed.

By Scarlet Vincent

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As the online coaching industry becomes more saturated, it can quickly be a challenge to stand out as an influential leader. As most coaches charge an average market rate by the hour or monthly package — a churn that can easily produce burnout — the search for high-ticket clients becomes paramount. Here's the good news: Attracting them is not as difficult as you might perceive. The following are simple strategies I've applied.

Understand what high-ticket clients value

You need to know your ideal client before communicating with them, in the form of understanding their beliefs, challenges and desires. What motivates them, for example, in making a purchase decision? What is moving them away from their current situation to an enhanced outcome? Knowing the answers goes beyond demographics; you need to deep dive into their current situation and build a bridge plan to where they want to be.

Understanding what high-ticket clients value is a completely different game than assessing low-ticket to mid-range offers. Those who are willing to invest at a premium level desire a transformation, and value their time to get results quickly. They're not looking for another batch of information from a digital course or ebook, but need a more personalized approach and support system without wasting time. They don't pay for the price, or for the number of hours they'll get; they make an investment based on value received.

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Have solid brand messaging

Now that you have an understanding of an ideal client, you'll need brand messaging as part of a content marketing strategy. If you have an amazing offer but are not able to communicate it well, you will lose potential clients. Closing high-ticket sales is about being able to effectively communicate value. To do that, you need to get sold on your own offer and believe in the level of transformation it provides. Brand tone and story will be the foundations that establish connection and trust with a target audience. When you're able to articulate a unique value proposition with clarity and confidence, it gets much easier to attract the right people ready to invest.

Showcase success stories

Nothing builds credibility as much as showcasing your successes. (According to SproutSocial, 91% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase.) So, sharing case studies and testimonials on social media platforms will give you a credibility boost and make people start paying attention. Because, at the end of the day, people don't buy programs or services; they want benefits and results. If you don't have many testimonials yet, you can share different kinds of wins and start requesting testimonials from previous and existing clients.

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Focus on daily lead generation

Being able to attract high-ticket clients is also about ensuring that your lead flow is constantly marketing to qualified and targeted leads that fit your ideal client avatar. Not having enough clients is the result of not having enough leads filling the pipeline on a daily basis: it's that simple. When you have a system to bring in that pipeline, you'll create predictability — not having to wonder where the next high-ticket client is coming from. The goal is then to turn cold leads into warm ones, and eventually into hot paying ones.

Follow up consistently, and with intent

Still thinking about whether you need a follow-up system? According to HubSpot, 60% of customers say "No" four times before saying "Yes", but 48% of salespeople never even make a single follow-up attempt. That's a leaving a lot of money lying on the table! Building a thriving business is, in part, about being relentless. Most of the time, people fear following up as they don't want to seem desperate and/or are afraid of rejection. However, if you truly believe in the transformation your services promise, you'll be able to move beyond self-sabotaging beliefs. The job is not to try to convince them, but to show them what's possible if they decide to move forward with you.

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Scarlet Vincent

High-Ticket Marketing Coach

Scarlet Vincent is a high-ticket marketing coach and social-media expert. She has grown her social-media following on Instagram and Facebook to over 60,000 cumulatively and has worked with seven-figure experts and Fortune 500 companies.

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