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6 Benefits of Having a Mobile App for Your Business Lots of people are launching their businesses without considering building a mobile app, but here are six benefits of creating one for your business.

By Omar El Bahr

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Ever look at a family that should be spending time together, but instead, everyone is on their phones scrolling while focused, bored or even excited? Well, because this is the age of technology, a smartphone could mean a person is checking the news, working, gaming, entertaining themselves through social media, shopping, chatting with a friend or maybe doing their school homework.

Mobile app statistics for 2023 state that there are 1.96 million applications available on the Apple Store and 2.87 million on the Google Play Store. From schools to multinational companies, everyone is leaning towards building their own mobile application in order to be more connected globally and make it easier for people to reach anything they want through a quick tap on their smartphone's screen. In this article, we'll go over the advantages of mobile applications for your business.

There are many different benefits to having a mobile application for your business. Creating a mobile app that fits your vision could help you build brand loyalty, improve relationships with clients and stay relevant, up-to-date and on the cutting edge of new technology. What does it mean, though? How could an app strengthen customer or client relationships? Let's just say that people nowadays WANT to save time; time is a valuable asset, so finding ways to save it for people is important — and a business application could do that for them. For example, if you wanted to shop for groceries but had to go to work and had no time to do so, you could open your groceries app, tap on the products you wanted, add them to your cart, checkout and voila! You've just gone grocery shopping.

So, let's break down the various benefits of having a mobile app for your business:

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1. Increases brand awareness

Having a branded app allows you to spread the word about your business with a click. It allows people to get more acquainted with who you are and the services that you offer. Additionally, apps create an opportunity for brands to strengthen emotional connections with their customers. A branded app lets people know about your business and makes it easy for them to do business with you with just a few taps or clicks.

2. Allows you to personalize

With an app, you can personalize your services to cater specifically to your target market. For example, you can make a quiz to find out what your customers like so you can make their content and notifications more relevant to them. This makes it easier to make personalized experiences that keep customers coming back and get more people to use your app. It will also give you valuable information about how users act, which you can use to improve your marketing strategies and learn more about your customer base.

3. It saves time

Studies have proven that an application was better than a website in terms of saving time. A website could take time to load or simply crash at some point in your process. An app could just save your customers' time by giving them fast, easy access to your business's services. When it comes to paying through an app, a study in 2019 found that payments on mobile applications are estimated to increase from 41.8% in 2019 to 52.2% in 2023.

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4. Better engagement rates

Business apps could also play a necessary role in raising people's engagement rates in your business. Creating app-only deals, offers or creative campaigns to increase people's engagement with your app and business is one way to do so. With an app, businesses are able to reach a wider target audience. An app can make people more aware of your business and make it easier for them to find you and use your products or services. You don't have to be limited by physical location; now you can reach a broader audience, no matter where they are in the world.

5. Strengthens your business

A mobile business application could also help strengthen your business by building relevance, familiarity, trust and credibility through your business-customer relationship. You could use an app to help you manage your relationships with customers by keeping track of how they use it and learning more about it. The app would give you perfect and convenient customer insights. For example, you could make changes to your app by looking at which features your customers use the most and which ones are most popular. That could definitely help you plan and strategize your futuristic app growth. If your app were perfectly made, you could just create a marketing campaign by finding the best way to get information and feedback from your customers.

6. Marketing assistance

If you're a person who worries about marketing, then you should definitely be developing your own mobile app, as it could be an excellent marketing tool. A customized mobile app increases your communication needs. Contact information, specialized messaging and even engagement tools like deals, contests and campaigns can be managed from the app. You can stand out by branding them with your own colors, logos and taglines. Another benefit is that a mobile app is cost-effective in terms of marketing. This means you could be saving money internally through your business app, as it eliminates the need for tangible marketing goods and can cut down on live marketing campaign costs.

Apps could also be a booster for employee efficiency by increasing communication and engagement and cutting down on streamlining data. There is also the option of making money through your app with ads targeted at in-app purchases. There is also the "effective frequency" strategy that developers use as a marketing rate measurement: The more customers recognize your marketing message, participate in campaigns or engage with your app, the more likely they are to recognize it and have a long-term memory of your brand.

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Technology is constantly evolving and updating, and so are customers' expectations and demands — hence the importance of keeping up with the competition in application marketing. It's more important than ever to keep your app competitive by meeting customer needs, growing your business and attracting potential customers. With the expansion of the digital landscape, you need to broaden your ideas and your way of looking at business development. Moreover, you need to be up to date on all the new app upgrades in order to stay on top of your brand and get the best results when developing an application for your business.

Omar El Bahr

Chief Communication Officer at nandbox

Omar El Bahr is the chief communication officer at nandbox, he's on a quest to enable everyone to build a mobile app for affordable prices.

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