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8 Tips for Dominating Online Sales Make buying online and your customers will thank you (and buy a lot more from you).

By Sheila Eugenio Edited by Dan Bova

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In the last decade, online shopping has grown from a convenience to a necessity. Before the internet, shopping involved a process of getting ready, driving through traffic and navigating through a crowded retail store that may or may not have the necessary item. The digital age has changed everything about shopping. Now, shoppers don't even need to get out of bed to get the items they want.

Shoppers today have the ability to look for any sort of item they want while comparing pricing and quality across a wide range of sources. There are a number of different tools that allow them to find the best deals. For example, Dropio is an app that notifies the user when the best available price of an item drops so they can lock in an order at the perfect time. With an infinite supply of online retailers, it can be stressful and time consuming to get your products or services to sell. Whether you are trying to sell one item or a thousand, there are a number of easy steps to take that will increase sales.

1. Know your target market

Knowing your brand's audience is the most important ingredient to achieve success in any aspect of business. Different generations have different ways in which they absorb information. Gearing your online shopping options to the right demographic is key to driving digital sales. For example, millennials tend to gravitate towards more visual content when shopping whereas older generations typically prefer more informational, text based content. Consider your product and to whom it appeals. Then research their buying habits and figure out the best strategy to use on the website.

2. Keep it simple

When you are selling products online, it is all about creating a positive, one-stop customer experience in order to keep them coming back. Keeping the shopper's browsing and buying options quick and easy to navigate is beneficial to both parties. A long, complicated buying process will turn users away from your website and give them time to reconsider their purchase. Amazon does a great job in letting the user save their payment options and allow one-click buying to make shopping as easy as possible.

3. Give shoppers an opportunity to leave a review

One of the biggest advantages consumers see in online shopping is the ability to view and assess previous customer reactions. Shoppers are becoming more dependent on reviews when considering a purchase. Having a product review section is an easy way to generate user content and can be a key motivator in getting new shoppers to buy.

4. Blog about it

Running a blog about your product or service is an extremely effective way to drive content marketing. Producing free, limitless content will do wonders to create trust while keeping users informed. A great way to get started blogging is to think up all possible queries a customer might have and answer each one in detail with its own article. As the business advances, there will be more opportunities to blog and create content to make the shopping experience as informative as possible.

5. Accommodate influencers

Online influencers can play a huge role in determining your business' success. Once you have identified your target market, find the influencers within the respective community. This can be anyone such as a journalist, blogger, or public figure. A way to get on their good side is to give them a free sample of your product or service prior the public release. This gesture will let them know you respect their work as well as gives them an opportunity to talk about you within their community with an open mind. A potential shout out from a key influencer can not only provide measurable results, it will help to boost the status of your business to customers and drive online sales.

6. Pull off a PR stunt

Attracting positive media attention is an amazingly effective way to increase sales in the digital age. A well-executed public relations stunt can be a difference maker in propelling your brand to worldwide recognition. Typically, a PR stunt will be something fun and outrageous that conveys your brand's interests to a wide audience. Be sure to have a clear call to action that will bring traffic to your website.

7. Offer outstanding customer service

When people shop online, they want a sense of security before they buy; offer reassurance if their needs are not initially met. A great way to offer comfort to shoppers is to have a money back guarantee. If they are not satisfied with their purchase, give them a refund and ask them about their experience. It will help to improve your website. Be sure the entire process is as stress-free as possible. The last thing a frustrated customer wants is to to do is jump through a bunch of hoops in order to reverse their decision. Remember, this is the last impression of a transaction. Make sure it's a good one.

8. Keep in touch with buyers

Building up a list of previous and potential buyers means you have a way to gauge reactions and inform them about new products. Following up with a shopper a few weeks after an online purchase is a great way to gain an insight on what buyers think of your business. As discussed earlier, customer reviews are very important in motivating others to buy. Reaching out after the fact to ask for their thoughts will build creditability while letting buyers know you value their experience.

Shopping attitudes and preferences have changed drastically in the last few decades. To survive in the digital age, businesses need to know how to effectively sell products online. In an increasingly interactive marketplace, creating an outstanding customer experience is essential in driving online sales for years to come.

Sheila Eugenio


Sheila Eugenio is the founder and CEO of Media Mentions, a leading PR and digital marketing agency. Before founding Media Mentions, Eugenio has consulted with several mediums to large businesses on how to position their brand and attract the right audience. She helps brands and startup companies to create PR strategies that reach to the right audience.

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