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Build an Ecommerce Store on Shopify with Help From This Bootcamp

Ecommerce is booming. Cut your slice of the pie today.

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While the Covid-19 pandemic has ravaged the world economy and been especially harmful to small business, one industry has thrived throughout this year. That's ecommerce, and the opportunities are still abundant for anyone looking to earn a little extra money online. But you can't just start selling things on the internet and expect to get rich overnight. There's an art and a science to running an ecommerce business, which The Complete Shopify Bootcamp Bundle will help you understand.

Karolina Grabowska

This six-course, 30-hour guide covers some of the most important aspects of selling on one of the world's largest ecommerce marketplaces, Shopify. In the first course, you'll learn how to set up and build a Shopify store to start selling private label products using another massive platform, Fulfillment By Amazon (Amazon FBA). You'll discover how to open up a new sales channel for a variety of private label products and how to design your store to be as attractive and user-friendly as possible.

From there, you'll explore Shopify search engine optimization (SEO), understanding what it takes to rank higher on Google search results pages and attract more organic traffic. You'll learn how to improve your domain authority, perform keyword research, and do all the little things you need to grow your store's brand online.

Finally, you'll delve into drop-shipping, the practice of selling products directly from the manufacturer to the consumer, without having to hold any inventory. You'll explore the benefits of this e-commerce practice and learn how to find the right suppliers at the right prices.

Before you know it, you'll be working on your very own Shopify empire. Right now, you can get The Complete Shopify Bootcamp Bundle for just $29.99.

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