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The 7 Commandments for Good Content Writing From using SEO keywords to understanding your client's needs, these seven tips will guide you to successful content writing.

By Bhavik Sarkhedi Edited by Micah Zimmerman

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Creating any form of written content is difficult, especially if you are going through writer's block. To get rid of my writer's block and regain a creative brain, I try reading, listening to music, going for a walk, catching up with old friends or any other relaxing activity ordinary people would do.

Content writing services often experience a form of writer's block when writing content, especially for their clients. These seven commandments will help any writing service push past their difficulties and allow content writing services to best meet their client's needs.

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"Thou shalt always create original, informative and SEO-friendly content"

With the evolution of technology and rising competition, the first commandment of good content writing had to be about optimizing your content for search engines to gain better visibility and higher ranking.

Writers from excellent content writing services always produce unique and relevant content that is informative and increases audience engagement. Using optimized keywords and long-tail phrases frequently in user search queries will propel your work to more audiences. An excellent content writing service will always produce original SEO content that is informative and engaging and helps rank higher on the search engine results page.

"Thou shalt never imitate someone else's work of art"

As an artist, your works of creation are born from your incredible mind, which is an accumulation of many experiences, perceptions, values and beliefs. So, preserving the authenticity of your artwork and respecting the originality in others' work is essential.

You are always welcome to take inspiration from others' artwork and try to create something of your own by giving them due credit. But imitating their work or copying their content is considered an offense and will be termed plagiarism. An excellent content writing service goes the extra mile and creates original content instead of plagiarising.

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"Thou shalt always understand and assist thy clients and audience"

Customer-centric businesses flourish faster than purely economically considerate businesses. Understanding your customer's needs and requirements is the key to building long-term brand loyalty and gaining customer retention.

Writers from excellent content writing services listen to their client's requirements and produce compelling content based on their needs. They also provide insightful suggestions from their experience and expertise to help the client get maximum benefits from the service. An excellent content writing service will always work to achieve complete client satisfaction.

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"Thou shalt always edit and proofread before submitting content"

It is said that "to err is human," but not in content writing. Making mistakes and missing out on mentioning a critical subject is a common, fearful experience for writers. This is why the fourth commandment of excellent content writing services is in favor of avoiding such situations that give rise to error and inaccuracy in content.

Excellent content writing services should proofread, edit and rewrite, if required, before submitting the final draft to the client. An excellent content writing service will always proofread your content more than three times and edit it correctly to keep it precise and informative before sending the final draft to the client.

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"Thou shalt never delay in the submission of content service"

"Time is more than just a ticking clock; time is money."

Nobody wishes to lose their money. Timely service delivery is essential for businesses if they want to stay in the market and retain their customer's loyalty.

Missing out on submission deadlines due to unavoidable circumstances is understandable. But if it becomes a habit, your business's brand value and customer loyalty will undoubtedly see a massive fall. An excellent content writing service will consistently deliver content services within the decided timeframe. They will never be late on a date.

"Thou shalt always listen and attempt to exceed the expectations of thy clients"

Excelling in life does not come by staying within the boundaries of the playground. It comes by pushing that boundary beyond and extending your limits. As a writer, you must test your creative limits and expand your knowledge and expertise to excel in your profession. It would be best if you were open to client suggestions and feedback.

Submitting your content within the deadline is only one aspect of quality work; working with the content and your writing skills is another. One should learn to learn, unlearn and relearn in their profession constantly. An excellent content writing service will always work toward exceeding their client's expectations, listening to their client's feedback and working on it.

"Thou shalt always make your offered services worth your client's money."

The consumer decision-making process has taught us that purchase decision is essential, but the post-purchase decision is even more critical. The post-purchase decision is the impact your brand and service have on the client. Post-purchase choices determine whether the customer will return and use your services again, whether they will suggest your services to others, or disappear from your target audience.

This is why the seventh and the last commandment of excellent content services focus on creating a completely harmonious and joyful client experience from start to finish. An excellent content writing service will always ensure a smooth service booking process and timely delivery.

Bhavik Sarkhedi

CEO of Write Right, Estorytellers, Taletel, Bloggism and Kalam Kagaz

Bhavik Sarkhedi is the CEO and founder of content-writing agency Write Right, which serves personalized content to over 1,500 clients across the globe. He is also the founder of Estorytellers, Taletel, Bloggism and KalamKagaz.  He has penned seven books on content writing, personal branding and digital marketing, including How to Start Your Own Content Writing Agency and How to Become A Digital Marketing Consultant.

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