How to Hire the Right Software Testing Team Implementing best practices will ensure you have selected the right team for your company.

By Steve Taplin

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When employing a nearshore software testing team, your company must explore the key areas that can make or break your experience working with a company outside your domain.

Hiring nearshore software development teams has become a popular trend. U.S. companies are finding this approach to be extremely helpful as it helps save on capital expenditure while still gaining experienced technicians to satisfy their business needs. Moreover, it reduces the overall operating costs of the organization than if they were to employ technicians in-house.

However, there are still some important aspects to take into consideration when employing a nearshore testing team.

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No matter how wonderful and experienced the nearshore team is, if they do not operate within the same or very similar timezone to your company and clients, liaising remotely will be extremely difficult as frequent communication between the two is a high priority due to the vast amount of updates and pressing time constraints needed for changes to take place.

If people from different teams from different locations do not communicate with each other, then the efficiency of the entire team is going to suffer. Although most Latin American nearshore technicians do speak proficient English, it is always a good idea to test this before it's too late.

Having said that, the benefit of hiring a testing team who's proficient in multiple languages puts your company's software testing at a great advantage as they can test multilingual aspects of the software — especially if you intend to reach international internet users.

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Remote teams allow for clients to be actively involved in the testing of software development projects, satisfying the clients' need for direct input and function of the overall technical design of the product. The tools that these teams use can often make the process more efficient and simplistic. Finding tools that work for both the testing team and your company to communicate is paramount for the successful completion of the testing task. Research the latest technologies that can help assist remote testing teams and maintain client involvement as well as having direct access to the software without fear of information getting leaked or hacked.

When testing software at any stage of development, mistakes can happen and the team will be ready to catch them before the software is released to production. The most effective testing strategies are the ones that allow for easy collaboration and communication between the QA and developers. A good strategy should allow for easy communication to all members of the development team including testers, support and customer care representatives. As well as quickly establishing contracts and pay distributions, opting for a structured per hour or per month fee to allow for a more collaborative process with the testing team and your company.

Another best practice for success with a software testing team is to make sure that the software testing company has the resources to test the software in real-life conditions. When real-life testing is conducted, software testing teams learn new lessons and learn how to work within the constraints set by the testers. The results of the real-life tests can help the software development company in developing better software. Software testing companies should keep in mind that a software tester is just one part of the software development team. Effective teamwork is the key to software development. When software testing is combined with effective teamwork, the company can gain the most possible benefit from its software development.

Best practices for software testing might include the implementation of software testing tools such as programmable logic (PCL) and state-transition tables (STP). These tools allow testing to be faster and easier. Software testing tools should also allow for the customization of testing methods. STP and PCL are available in several different formats that can be used for the testing of different types of software, which is helpful for different software developments and test cases. The combination of software testing and a quality software development team can help a business achieve maximum software deployment.

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