How to Reinvent Yourself and Your Business in This Moment of Opportunity

The pandemic has revealed new growth strategies in the ways we learn, work, lead and live.

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By Glenn Llopis

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We are living in a moment of abundant opportunity.

That might sound unrealistic, or at least untimely, given what the pandemic has put our world through. But the past 15 months have revealed new opportunities in the ways we learn, work, and live. Entrepreneurship is no longer just a business term. It's a way of life.

We have all been forced to reflect on what really matters to us as individuals, as leaders, and as entrepreneurs. Instead of seeing each of these three distinct areas as disconnected parts, now is the time to create one healthier whole. As you set out to reinvent and reinvigorate your life as an entrepreneur, don't back away from opportunities simply because you can't predict the final outcome. When you hesitate, it's harder to gain buy-in from others. Instead, seize those opportunities, and trust your gut and spirit. Need a nudge? Follow these three guiding principles.

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1. Broaden your observations

Don't see just the opportunities that are right in front of you — look for those that are less obvious. This is why it's so important to know and trust yourself. It's easy for someone else's opinion to misguide your thinking, but when you know what you aim to achieve, it gives you the focus and patience to explore for more.

In the process of seeing the opportunity you were originally hoping for, you may discover others that provide more clarity around your original intentions. For example, when I wrote my first book, it was initially planned to be about my father's wisdom. When I shared it with a friend who knew someone in the publishing industry, their feedback helped turn it into something more significant, framing my father's wisdom as lessons on thinking like an entrepreneur and finding innovation in your work. Now, 12 years later, I am a senior adviser to Fortune 500s and entrepreneurs the world over.

2. Adopt a farmer's mentality

The wise farmer once said, "You'll never know which seed is going to grow without planting it first." The wise entrepreneur knows this lesson well. What's the point? Keep planting seeds and allow your broadened observations to guide you.

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Many in the business world might think this mentality is about creating multiple streams of income (much like the farmer would harvest different types of crops), but the key is to water each seed you plant with focus and intention to not only multiply your opportunities but discover new ways that those opportunities can support one another.

3. Build momentum

How often have you heard this: "That's a great idea; you should do something with it." And then…nothing happens. That's because creating momentum is critical but also very difficult. Why? Because most people embark on opportunities without knowing their inventory and access to resources. I don't just mean money — I mean valuable relationships.

Momentum is built through relationships that are willing to test-drive your ideas. These relationships must be earned over time. If you were to ask five people to support the opportunity you are trying to grow, can you say that you have supported them consistently in the past? Have you earned the right to ask people for their support?

Building momentum can come in many forms. But your ability to have cultivated and earned strong relationships is vital to your ability to seize opportunities. Opportunities come and go, but it is your responsibility to share them with others along the way. It will help you be prepared and ready to take action when the moment calls.

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Glenn Llopis (‘yo-pes) creates high-performance leaders and teams focused on inclusion and the power of individuality. He is the author of the books Earning Serendipity, Leadership in the Age of Personalization, Unleashing Individuality and The Innovation Mentality.

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