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Learn How One Simple, Yet Unexpected Change Helped HelloFresh Boost Its Sales

In our latest episode for 'Problem Solvers' Ed Boyes of HelloFresh shares how a whole lot of experimentation and data collection helped improve customer retention.


Introducing our new podcast, Problem Solvers with Jason Feifer, which features business owners and CEOs who went through a crippling business problem and came out the other side happy, wealthy, and growing. Feifer, Entrepreneur's editor in chief, spotlights these stories so other business can avoid the same hardships. Listen below or click here to read more shownotes.


What if one simple change could improve your business?

It sounds like the setup for a scam, but it's also true: In business, simple things matter. Simple changes matter, too. And while nobody has a magic pill or potion or piece of software, entrepreneurs can always find impactful, simple things to change in their business. In fact, the smartest entrepreneurs are constantly searching for them -- poking, prodding, and experimenting -- to find new ways to fix what they may not have even realized was broken.

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HelloFresh offers a perfect example this. It's a meal-kit delivery service. Users select which meals they'd like delivered to their door, and HelloFresh delivers the ingredients and a recipe card. A company like this might spend all its time focusing on the two most obvious parts of its business: food and delivery. But the head of HelloFresh's American operations, Ed Boyes, realized there was an entire unlooked area of their business that could be improved.

"The emotional decision-making process that drives people's perception of flavor, of enjoyment, really starts from the very moment that they start thinking about eating the product," he says. "And that starts when customers log on to their HelloFresh account and start thinking about which recipe they're going to select."

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This insight led him to run lots of experiments, gathering data on how little changes in its ordering system could lead to big results. One of them did just that: An unexpected, counterintuitive change boosted sales, as well as customer retention.

In this episode of Problem Solvers, Boyes reveals how he ran the experiments, what led to a sales boost and what he learned that will continue to help his business grow.

To hear more of his story, check out our latest podcast episode of Problem Solvers below. Or subscribe on iTunes, Google Play,or wherever you get your podcasts

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