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Rudy Mawer Shares 10 Ways To 10x Your Business Learn the tactics needed to exponentially grow your revenue

By Terry Rice

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I met Rudy Mawer when he booked a consulting session with me on Intro, an app that allows you to get the answers for your questions from topic experts with private video calls.

Within minutes I was wondering why he needed my advice. He has already built multiple 8 figure brands and is actively partnering with celebrity entrepreneurs including Floyd Mayweather, The Wolf of Wall St and Tai Lopez.

But here's one thing I've learned from chatting with other successful entrepreneurs, they don't stop learning. They know one new technique or idea could lead to extraordinary results. Rudy described that as he always goes to the "who" and hires them for their advice instead of asking "how" and spending months trying to learn what to do.

And as we were chatting he started sharing some of the strategies he's used to build a $10 million company - and several multi-million dollar businesses - and now teaches hundreds of others as part of his mastermind group.

Our call was going long so I asked him if he'd feel comfortable sharing his guidance in an article. He said he likes to go big, so he followed up with 10 ways for you to 10x your business, which I'll share in its entirety below.

Get ready to take some notes.

Rudy's advice on how to best apply what you're about to learn

Most business owners will read this list and brush it off as it seems too good to be true. But the secret to getting measurable results from these 10 ways to 10x your business to work is to accomplish each step, one at a time.

Do not try to implement everything all at once because then nothing will get done. But if you focus your time and attention on just one at a time, and work your way down the list, your business will grow faster and larger than you could ever imagine. So now, here are 10 ways for you to 10x your business.

1. Implement multiple front-end offers

To 10x your business, you're going to need more leads. This means you can either increase the amount of people you reach using your current offer, or create new offers that target new segments of the market.

In my experience, after growing 100s of businesses, most companies don't need to spend more but instead should create new offers.

Here's why. Every market, no matter what you're selling, is made up of multiple avatars. If I had to bet, I'd say your current offer is only targeting a small segment of your market. So, if you create two, three, even four new offers that target other avatars, you're going to attract more leads. As a result your business will grow.

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2. Develop lead generation systems

Lead generation is the life blood of your business. If it is not honed in and inefficient, then you're losing customers. So, you need to implement proven lead gen systems into your business that capture and close as many leads as possible.

Leveraging an optimized lead gen funnel, appointment setters, a well trained sales team, and a follow-up system will maximize the amount of sales that come in on the front end.

3. Hire sales reps and appointment setters

Want to hear a secret? I don't like having to hire sales reps. But you know why I have them? Because they 10x'd my business almost immediately. Look, having sales reps and appointment setters might "seem like a hassle" or might "feel like a lot of work". But at the end of the day, you need people who are experts at capturing and closing leads. Because once you start to grow, you can't handle all the leads yourself.

There are too many mediums and not enough time in the day for you to talk to each and every lead. So hire it out and watch your business explode.

4. Utilize multiple channels

To start a business, you should focus on one channel. But to 10x a business? You should use multiple channels or more to market yourself.

If you're making more offers, then you need to reach more people. So use multiple channels to double, triple and quadruple your reach.

5. Leverage referrals and renewals

Referrals are the ultimate source of revenue that almost no one talks about. And if you can master them, your business is practically unstoppable. Why? Because referrals are free money for your business. They take no marketing or advertising to get them to buy.

Renewals are great because every time someone renews, it's a profit on your backend. Since you've already spent all the time, energy and money to get them to buy in the first place, each time they hand in more money, it's profit in your pocket.

6. Partner with the right experts

If you want to make dramatic leaps forward in your business, then partner with the top experts. They have connections, resources, and reach that can single-handedly grow your business for the rest of your life.

There's a caveat though. You must know who the right experts are. Find the people with the greatest amount of influence in your niche or similar niche then provide them value in some way or another. If you can help them accomplish their goals, they'll help you accomplish yours.

7. Go in the red

Everyone wants to be breakeven from day one, right?


Some of the biggest and most successful businesses on the planet lose money on the front end because they make so much money on the backend. For them, they'll gladly lose money to attain customers.

So why shouldn't you do the same? After all, if you're delivering enormous value - which should allow you to charge enormous prices - then why not go in the red to acquire more customers?

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8. Highight client success

Testimonials are good but they don't do your most successful clients justice.

I want you to run ads, social posts, and create case studies, showcasing your most successful clients. Because social proof is and will always be one of the most powerful factors that people use to decide whether to do business with you.

9. Daily reporting and optimization

If you want to 10x your business, then you need to know where you're at and where you're headed. There's no better way to do that than to create a daily reporting system that shows you all your numbers so you know each and every day if you're hitting your targets and are on a positive growth trajectory.

Too many businesses skimp out on this. Don't be like them. Report your progress on a daily basis and optimize as needed.

10. Visualize your 10x goals

First in mind, then in fact.

If you can't visualize yourself 10x'ing your business - and how that's going to change your life - then you're never going to 10x your business.

You must repeatedly visualize yourself achieving business goals with visceral passion and desire. Then and only then will you achieve these goals.

Next Steps

Ready for more practical guidance on how to grow your business? Here are a few more ways to learn from Rudy:

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