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How Rudy Mawer Built Two Multimillion-Dollar Businesses by Mastering This One Skill It's not enough to be an expert, even if you're at the top of your industry.

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Courtesy of Rudy Mawer

In this series called Member Showcase, we publish interviews with members of The Oracles. This interview is with Rudy Mawer, founder and CEO of ROI Machines, which specializes in Facebook ads, direct response, and funnels. It was condensed by The Oracles.

Who are you?
Rudy Mawer: I'm an international entrepreneur and expert marketer. I also have a background as a sports nutritionist and trainer. I'm from the United Kingdom originally and was awarded an O-1 "extraordinary individual" visa to the United States for my marketing and fitness business skills. My parents were Olympic athletes, so I grew up around success and high performance.

I built two multimillion-dollar businesses in two years by age 27. Now I run a fully done-for-you marketing agency specializing in ecommerce brands and helping experts who are celebrities in their space. We work with a varied client base, including Olympic gold medalists, celebrities, movie stars, entrepreneurs, and influencers.

What are you more skilled at than most people in the world?
Rudy Mawer: I'm an expert in Facebook ads, funnels, and marketing. I help big brands, celebrities, movie stars, and Olympic athletes grow their businesses by providing a boutique, done-for-you solution using my advanced marketing strategies and other methods.

What are the core values that guide your business, and why did you pick them?
Rudy Mawer: I'm an entrepreneur and business owner first, not a marketer, so I understand the pains and issues that most business owners face when hiring typical agencies. I went through many of them myself during the growth of my first multimillion-dollar business,

I created my marketing business to be ROI driven and stress free. We handle all the marketing and remove the business owner from its day-to-day management so we can scale the business while they do what they love most: being the expert in their space.

What's your favorite quote?
Rudy Mawer: "Everything is possible when you open your mind." I love this quote because I truly believe that we never fully understand what we are capable of as human beings — until we achieve it.

Before I moved from the U.K. to the U.S, I used to set tiny goals for myself to achieve by age 40. Once I saw my potential, I quickly beat those goals by the time I was 26. Now when I set seemingly crazy goals I constantly remind myself that everything really is possible. There are a lot of extraordinary people who prove it.

What was your biggest challenge starting up? How did you overcome it?
Rudy Mawer: For a long time, my biggest mistake was not mastering marketing. As a sports nutritionist and trainer who was an "expert" in my space, I wrongly believed that I would be successful simply because I was skilled, knowledgeable, and at the top of my industry.

While this would be true in an ideal world, you also need to become extremely good at business, operations, marketing, and sales — which many experts fail to master or outsource. In fact, I know tons of experts who are practically invisible outside of their inner circle when they could and should be changing the world.

I spent around five or six years trying to make an impact in the world. It wasn't until I mastered marketing and modern-day business that I scaled to multiple millions and impacted tens of thousands of people around the globe.

How do you define great leadership?
Rudy Mawer: Great leadership is about supporting your team, offering growth potential, and giving them autonomy, education, and creative freedom. We place a lot of focus on personal development and support in our business, from weekly trainings to funding full courses and a book club. We also offer a lot of freedom and vast opportunities for team members to progress. Some of my staff have doubled their salaries and moved into higher roles within the agency.

How do you hire top talent?
Rudy Mawer: I've grown two businesses to 20 full-time staff who are completely remote, and found that hiring top talent comes down to a few key things. It starts with your vision, culture, growth potential, and other employee benefits. When you focus on those things, you can often recruit elite, A-level talent for a fraction of the cost. Without them, it comes down to pay and you can get into a bidding war with other employers.

From there it's a simple numbers game. If you reach out to 1,000 qualified people, you have a far better chance of finding someone great than if you reach out to 100. Most people just quit too early or give up on finding amazing people. It's hard, but possible if you stay persistent — like anything in life or business.

Which single habit gives you 80 percent of your results?
Rudy Mawer: I would boil down 80 percent of our results to our systems and structure. If you want to share your genius worldwide, you need to create systems that can scale. Otherwise, you can only go so far, even if you're amazing.

We have systems for growing and scaling our Facebook ads, writing amazing copy, building sales funnels, and otherwise growing multimillion-dollar businesses.

What are you working on right now?
Rudy Mawer: We're currently running a bunch of new cutting-edge marketing methods. Because I help manage around $200 million in revenue across all my clients, I get to see a high-level view of the latest methods, strategies, ads, and funnels in real time.

Right now one unique aspect we are focused on is using artificial intelligence to do something that was impossible in marketing until recently: combining automation with a customized user journey. We can now segment our audiences and provide specific content based on individuals' goals and interests — while fully automating the process at the same time.

With artificial intelligence, Facebook Messenger bots can understand what customers are asking and respond in a human way. This is getting amazing results and improving the user experience at the same time.

What's on your bucket list?
Rudy Mawer: I love to travel and explore. I recently ticked off one of the biggest items on my bucket list: going full nomad while running multimillion-dollar businesses. The remaining items on my list include an African safari and living in Hawaii for a few months, which is my favorite place. I plan on achieving both of those things in 2020.

Connect with Rudy on Instagram and Facebook or visit his website.

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