7 Eco-Friendly Actions Will Save Your Business Money

Tips from the Green Business Bureau on saving the planet and your bottom line.

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By Michelle Goodman

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Looking for easy ways to go green and cut costs? The Green Business Bureau offers these tips.



Schedule an energy audit.

Annual savings per employee: $170
Utility companies and private contractors will walk through your facility, looking for ways to save on energy use, office equipment and work processes. 

Tweak the temperature.

Annual savings per employee: $25
In fall and winter, set the thermostat to 68 degrees instead of 72.

Annual savings per employee: $41
During warmer months, set the temperature at 74 instead of 68.

Give computers a rest.

Annual savings per employee: $178
Set computers to hibernate after 30 minutes of inactivity and monitors to sleep after five to 20 minutes.

Annual savings per employee: $45
Use power strips to shut down equipment.


Kill the lights.

Annual savings per employee: $125
Replace traditional bulbs with compact fluorescent ones, which last 10 times as long and use 75 percent less energy.

Cut drinking-water waste.

Annual savings per employee: $409
Still buying bottled water? Switch to a water cooler.

Annual savings per employee: $75
Switch from paper cups to ceramic mugs.

Set a paper-reduction policy.

Annual savings per employee: $166
Reduce paper use in the office by 50 percent.

Annual savings per employee: $300
This cuts an hour a day of printing, filing and otherwise managing paperwork.

Recycle old cell phones.

Annual savings per employee: $70

Send old cell phones and other electronic devices to a recycling service like CorporateRenew (which sends a check in return).

Michelle Goodman

Michelle Goodman is a Seattle-based freelance journalist and author of The Anti 9-to-5 Guide.

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