The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Blog Content Creating a blog leaves businesses with a choice: hire in-house writers or outsource their writing.

By Bhavik Sarkhedi

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Present-day consumers tend to spend a lot of their time researching a product/service before availing it. For them, blogs offer a fair chance to consume knowledge related to their questions. Thus, many businesses use blogs to promote their product or service in an influential way.

However, the employment of blogs leaves businesses with the choice to either hire in-house writers or outsource their writing. When it comes to deciding between both, 64% of B2B marketers using a blog for promotions are outsourcing it. In addition, 88% of businesses also outsource their blogs to add credibility to their business.

So, it seems that outsourcing blog writing services are common in the business world. Here are 10 reasons why outsourcing is appealing for businesses.

1. Outsourcing allows you to team up with professionals

Hiring blog writers for your in-house marketing team is an option, but the effort and cost consumption can make it overwhelming. Businesses can lose focus from their main operations, eventually harming the user experience. Outsourcing aids you by allowing your business to collaborate with professional writers — who have extensive knowledge in blog writing.

2. Not everyone is skilled in blog writing

Skill in writing doesn't make someone a blog writer. For example, a poet may not be the best fit for a blogging position. On the other hand, blog writing services hire professionals only after rigorous vetting. So, outsourcing your blog writing offers you exposure to sheer talent.

3. Improvisation in marketing strategy

Blog writers are aware of all the latest trends in the blogging world. They are conscious of what information in your blog will sell and what won't. Although every blog comes with its own objective, blog writers can utilize their experience in blogs to make your content more impactful. They can also use stats to make it more informative. Additionally, writing agencies also include basic strategies to offer you better marketing.

4. It saves you money

The greatest benefit for businesses is saving costs in hiring employees. In-house writers usually cost — in context, labor cost in a business accounts for 70% of the total business cost. So, adding more labor will increase the burden on the operations of a business. With this in mind, outsourcing your blog content will save you from unnecessary expenses and other hassles.

5. Achieve more efficiency in less time

In-house writers do not have a set goal. They use most of their time drafting a mere amount of blog content. In contrast, writing services are specific about their target. They don't have just one client to handle; rather, they have several other projects to complete as well. In such cases, they will offer you content in less time. Writing services are also specific to deadlines, which makes them offer additional efficiency.

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6. Quality

With an increasing number of blog writing services, several agencies can fulfill your blogging needs. With more competition, every blog writing service should possess unique advantages. For these services, delivering quality material is especially incentivized because they don't want to lose to the competition.

7. SEO and technical knowledge

Search engine optimized content helps you rank faster if you want your content to appear on SERPs. Blog writing services come abundant with SEO and technical knowledge to upscale your marketing.

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8. Businesses can focus on other necessary things

It's no secret that businesses have a never-ending to-do list. But usually, they have to primarily focus on the enhancement of user experience. For many companies, focusing only on blog writing can be overwhelming. Outsourcing relieves business leaders from the stress of content generation.

9. Hands-on more productive, and brainstorming blogs

Through the extensive research that comes from outsourced work, blog writing agencies can come up with several brainstorming blogging topics that are productive for the business. Thus, hiring empowers you to achieve engaging blogs.

10. Updated knowledge

Blog writers at blog writing services usually have an awareness of trends and updated information. Hiring them can also help you keep up with trends.

These are some of the primary benefits of outsourcing your blog writing. Strengthen your marketing efforts with engaging blogs from professionals.

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Bhavik Sarkhedi

CEO of Write Right, Estorytellers, Taletel, Bloggism and Kalam Kagaz

Bhavik Sarkhedi is the CEO and founder of content-writing agency Write Right, which serves personalized content to over 1,500 clients across the globe. He is also the founder of Estorytellers, Taletel, Bloggism and KalamKagaz.  He has penned seven books on content writing, personal branding and digital marketing, including How to Start Your Own Content Writing Agency and How to Become A Digital Marketing Consultant.

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