Volkswagen's Name Change and Cauliflower-Flavored Peeps Are Among This Year's Top April Fool's Day Jokes Brands are back to hilarity this April Fool's Day.

By Chloe Arrojado

Green Giant & Peeps

After a year that was anything but lighthearted, everyone could use some good-natured fun. These seven companies took it upon themselves to create some memorable April Fool's Day jokes.

IKEA's fashion line for dogs

As if the Suez Canal incident wasn't enough to generate talk about IKEA's products, the Swedish brand teased consumers with its HUND COUTURE line for dogs. Considering April is also National Pet Month, a doggie designer line wouldn't be the worst idea out there.

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Duolingo's new toilet paper product

Language-learning company Duolingo teased a toilet paper product that'll teach you phrases in new languages. This product would've definitely made bathroom time a little more productive.

Jet-Puffed burnt marshmallows

No campfire? No problem! At least, that's what the folks at Jet-Puffed promised when they tweeted out the release of a burnt marshmallow product. With the pipe dream of a perfectly toasted marshmallow, we can only imagine what could've been.

Velveeta's skincare line

Mac and cheese brand Velveeta decided to dip its toes into the beauty industry with the fake release of a skincare line. The V by Velveeta skincare line includes a daily moisturizer, night cream and renewal serum.

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Outback's new lipstick products

Outback Steakhouse was another brand looking to break into the beauty industry this year, tweeting the release of its "lipsteak" collection.

Volkswagen changes its name

Volkswagen publicized its commitment to electric cars by announcing a name change to "Voltswagen." In a case of ill-timing or genius marketing, the company tweeted the joke a little early, causing consumers to actually believe the change was real.

Green Giant Peeps

Vegetable brand Green Giant teamed up with Peeps to tease the release of cauliflower-flavored Peeps. If that combination sounds odd, consider the announcement of Peeps-flavored Pepsi — which actually isn't an April Fool's Day prank.Green Giant Peeps

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