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3 Enterprise Security Trends to Watch Out For in 2023 The cybersecurity landscape is fluid and constantly changing. The last few years have shown a significant rise in industry-specific attacks focused on healthcare, supply chains, education, etc. This trend will likely proceed to the following year, and the industries on the weaker end of digital transformation are easy targets for cyber-attacks.

By Apu Pavithran

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As our planet completes yet another lap around the sun, we find ourselves looking ahead to the new challenges and opportunities of 2023. It is always exciting to peer into the unknown and predict what this new solar orbit brings.

But if the recent years have taught us anything, it's that such a task is, in fact, a difficult endeavor. I'm sure that none of the predictions we made at the start of 2020 could've prepared us for what was coming in the years that followed. So, this ritual of soothsaying we practice every year is not about focusing on the finer details, but instead, it seeks to provide an insight into the general direction the world seems to be cruising towards.

Gartner used the phrase "seize uncertainty" as the theme for their strategic roadmap report for the coming years. It is truly an apt phrase to define 2023. The ripples caused by the boiling geopolitical tensions caused by the Russia-Ukraine issue, the brewing cybersecurity concerns and the global recession looming over the horizon point toward the uncertainties that await us.

Because of this, enterprise security has risen to be one of the top priorities for businesses in the coming year, so here's a take on the upcoming trends of 2023 that companies need to watch out for.

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1. Adaptable protection and enhanced visibility for endpoints

Endpoints continue to be a top target for sophisticated hackers. Adversaries are now leveraging endpoints as a launching pad to conduct more lucrative assaults, such as ransomware and business email compromise, rather than simply taking sensitive data from them. Furthermore, businesses must deal with a growing number of devices, including employee-owned devices outside of corporate networks and IoT devices like virtual personal assistants that need access to company networks, services or databases. Consequently, endpoint protection platforms and endpoint management suits remain a high priority.

The cybersecurity landscape is fluid and constantly changing. The last few years have shown a significant rise in industry-specific attacks focused on healthcare, supply chains, education, etc. This trend will likely proceed to the following year, and the industries on the weaker end of digital transformation are easy targets for cyber-attacks. In such a paradigm, solutions to detect such threats, platforms to secure and manage corporate devices and other SaaS offerings can provide visibility, protection and a streamlined management platform to take care of the myriad of endpoints being deployed.

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2. Integrations, collaborations and partnerships

The onset of the cloud and the subsequent migration towards it enabled organizations to set fluid boundaries to give customers a more inclusive solution. Every SaaS vendor is moving towards this approach to combine the strengths of multiple tools and provide a unified console for seamless management.

An example of such a collaboration is the prominence and proliferation of SASE (Secure Access Service Edge). Introduced by Gartner in 2019, SASE is a cybersecurity concept that converges multiple network connectivity and network security solutions into a unified service delivered via the cloud. Global spending on SASE is predicted to grow $8 billion by 2023 – a clear indication of its importance and value.

2023 will also see security and management solutions integrating Artificial Intelligence into their existing toolset. Over the past years, AI has been a significant enabler of automation in security systems. For example, intelligent threat detection systems like endpoint detection and response solutions use AI and ML to detect and respond to zero-day vulnerabilities that can harm your business. The coming year will find many solutions integrating AI technology to strengthen their security posture further.

3. Fostering a culture of security awareness

Developing and creating a culture of awareness around cybersecurity risks is the most crucial action to take at any firm. Employers and the workforce can no longer consider cybersecurity to be a problem that the IT department should handle. In reality, everyone's work description in 2023 should include understanding the dangers and taking simple security measures!

Many IT security strategies follow a reactive rather than proactive approach, which involves pumping money to recover from the attack and rebuild brand reputation. Attackers take advantage of this and target the weak links to cause damage. Phishing attacks utilize "social engineering" techniques to deceive victims into disclosing sensitive data or downloading malware onto their computers.

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Anyone can learn to recognize these assaults and take simple safety measures to protect themselves without needing technological expertise. In the same way, fundamental security abilities like secure password usage and learning about two-factor authentication (2FA) ought to be taught to everyone and regularly updated. If an organization wants to ensure resilience and preparation over the next 12 months, taking simple safeguards like these to promote a culture of cybersecurity awareness should be a significant aspect of their security strategy.

Moreover, with the global economy predicting a global recession, enterprises of all sizes can expect budget cuts throughout the year. In such a situation training your employees and ensuring they have a solid understanding of cybersecurity practices can provide a strong security posture that can act as the first line of defense, protecting your business.

As we take our first steps into 2023, every enterprise and industry should prepare for the new year and the challenges it brings with it. While predictions and trends serve as guidelines that help us navigate the coming ordeals, the history of the digital world has shown us to always prepare for the worst and expect the unexpected.

Apu Pavithran

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor


Apu Pavithran is the founder and CEO of Hexnode. Recognized in the IT management community as a consultant, speaker, and thought leader, Apu is passionate about entrepreneurship and spends significant time working with startups and empowering young entrepreneurs.

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