5 Booming Industries for Passionate, Millennial Professionals

Young professionals deserve to work in a field they're passionate about.

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By Nathan Resnick

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We've all heard baby boomers (and basically everybody else) complaining about millennials. They say millennials are entitled, lazy, addicted to their cell phones and, worst of all, recipients of the dreaded participation trophies regardless of whether they won or lost.

What you won't often hear, however, is that millennials are generally well-educated and potentially the most entrepreneurial generation in quite some time. While it's unwise -- and impossible -- to paint an entire generation in one or two broad strokes, it's safe to say that there are quite a few millennials out there who are looking for new, unique and engaging industries in which to find work.

In fact, millennials are quickly changing the outlook on employment in general. As more millennials get their degrees and enter the workforce, long-held ideals, such as rigid schedules and set corporate hierarchy, are being looked at in a new light.

Ultimately, just as each new generation has before them, millennials will end up shaping the economy in their own image. It's actually already happening. If you're a millennial looking for a new potential career, take note of the following industries that just might fit your tastes and passions.

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1. Unconventional investing

Having grown up during the Great Recession and having experienced layoffs and bailouts, millennials tend to be understandably skeptical of the stock market. If you're a millennial who wants to find ways to invest, but you're wary of the volatile nature of the stock market, there are other paths available.

One such investment path lies in real estate. It provides a tangible source of work, a great deal of personal freedom, and perhaps most appealing for many recent grads out there, doesn't take into account how much in student loan debts you've accrued.

2. Cause capitalism

More so than any other generation, millennials go out of their way to patronize companies that give back to the community, or who genuinely participate in substantial charitable giving. It follows, then, that millennials are looking to be employed by companies who reflect those same values.

Millennials tend to look for businesses who espouse a cause, and the industry is responding. More and more companies are making concerted efforts to participate in charitable giving, be it through a charity of their own or through donations and partnerships with outside organizations.

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3. Shooting for the stars -- literally

Just a few years ago, the notion that anybody not working for NASA (or one of its foreign equivalences) would walk on the moon was unheard of. These days, it's inching closer and closer to reality, with companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin investing billions in private space travel.

While companies like these won't just hire anyone off the street with dreams of being an astronaut, the growing aerospace industry could be a perfect landing spot for a bright, well-educated millennial. Who knows? Maybe being a real-life rocket scientist could be in your future.

4. Influencing from your phone

Many social media savvy millennials have found that the best way for them to make a living is by taking selfies or scouring the internet for the hottest memes. While older generations may scoff at the notion of a "social media celebrity," the fact is that it's now a viable career path for quite a few millennials.

Obviously, not everybody is cut out to gain a mass Instagram following. In fact, your odds of becoming a social media sensation are probably about as high as they are of you becoming an astronaut. With that said, given the right set of circumstances and a good artistic flair, you could find yourself paying your bills with a few well-executed posts.

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5. Cleaning up the planet

Being environmentally conscious is no longer the exclusive territory of the folks your parents likely refer to as "tree-hugging hippies." Millennials are, in fact pushing large corporations to become environmentally conscious in much the same way as they are pushing them to become more charitable.

New industries, or new adaptions of old industries, are cropping up with the express purpose of protecting the environment. The solar industry is growing, as is the electric vehicle industry. All things told, millennials with the goal of working to improve the environment should find no shortage of employment opportunities over the next several years.

In the end, millennials will be called upon to take charge of the workforce in the same way that baby boomers and others have done. What we're seeing now is the birth of a new approach to business, centered around flexibility, freedom and awareness of the earth and its inhabitants. While finding a good job will never be easy, millennials can rest assured that there are jobs out there that are perfect for them.

Nathan Resnick

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor

CEO of Sourcify

Nathan Resnick is a serial entrepreneur who currently serves as CEO of Sourcify, a platform that makes manufacturing easy. He has also brought dozens of products to life over the course of his career.

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