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5 Uplifting Books You Should Read This Holiday Season

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If you're traveling during the holidays, that means you have the opportunity to go through some great books while at the airport or on the plane.

Books are a fantastic way to grow your mindset, expand your views and increase your skills. According to the research conducted by Tom Corley, 88 percent of the wealthy list reading at least 30 minutes a day as a habit, so if you think you don't have time to read as an entrepreneur, you may in fact need a book more than ever.

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Reading is a great way to get inspired, learn new things and broaden the scope of your mindset and vision. Reading is great both in the business sector and for your own personal growth and development. If you're not sure which books to get started with, here is a list of the five books I'm loving right now that I believe are must haves.

1. The Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holiday

Entrepreneurs already know that the way to go is always in the direction of the biggest challenge. You see opportunity where others only see obstacles and that's exactly why you'll love reading Holiday's book. It's an easy-to-read hardback that will boost your spirit and shore up your strength when the obstacles feel bigger than ever. I highly recommend this one.

2. The Power Of No by James Altucher and Claudia Azula Altucher

How can such a little word totally change your life? I'll leave it up to you to read James Altucher's compelling argument for why no will save you. He and his wife Claudia present a fascinating list of reasons why "no" and dedicated moments of silence can actually add to your life. When you use "no"correctly, it can protect you from a lot of wasted time, effort and relationships that you already know you want nothing to do with but continue with anyway. Read it and then more importantly, start using "no."

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3. The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

Yes, you've probably already heard this book's praises sung all over the Internet by now, but there's a reason why. If you still haven't picked up Ries's compelling case for entrepreneurship, you need to now. His five principles will reassess the way you look at yourself, entrepreneurs in general and your business with regards to the benefit of yourself, your team and the world at large. It makes sense no matter what stage your business is in to get your hands on The Lean Startup.

4. The Motivation Manifesto by Brandon Burchard

Burchard's Motivation Manifesto will fall more along the lines of your personal development, but there are lessons from his book that will change your life and have a ripple effect into your business. There's a lot to be garnered from his passionate prompts to regain your life, reclaim your innate abilities and to focus on the values, habits and ideas that make you better. Every entrepreneur knows that a continuous process of being better, testing and improving is the backbone of what you do. Why not make it the cornerstone of your own development, too?

5. Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday

Holiday is on the list twice, but I happen to love both these books right now. While The Obstacle Is The Way appeals more to the mind, Growth Hacker Marketing is a practical guide of examples, lessons and down-and-dirty tips for getting some serious expansion out of your marketing efforts. This guide is both easy to read and to implement and will have you totally rethinking how you can hack some growth for your startup or business.

What books do you recommend picking up this holiday season?

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