An Insider's Look Into CES 2015 Couldn't make it to Vegas? No worries. Here's a peek at the action.

By Jason Fell

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LAS VEGAS – No doubt about it, the Consumer Electronics Show is massive. This year's big tech show features more than 3,500 exhibitors and is expected to attract more than 160,000 industry professionals. It's all wonderfully exhausting.

For all the people who are in Sin City this week, basking in the glory of the tech mecca that is CES, many others simply couldn't budget the cost or the time.

Not to worry. Entrepreneur is here, soaking in all the shiny new gadgets and weird tech that we can -- and sharing it with you. For those of you who aren't here in the desert, we offer you a quick insider's look into all the action.

Jason Fell | Entrepreneur

The show kicked off Monday with press day and officially on Tuesday for the masses.

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Jason Fell | Entrepreneur

On Tuesday morning, attendees were already flooding in.

Jason Fell | Entrepreneur

There's so much tech here, it's difficult to know where to begin. Here's a look at some people trying out Oculus virtual-reality technology. Specifically, they're test-driving the Samsung Gear VR headset, which is powered by Oculus.

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Jason Fell | Entrepreneur

Drones have a big presence at CES this year. We encountered this guy in a space suit operating a drone. Because why not, right?

And then Parrot's mini drones put on a show. Fun.

Jason Fell | Entreprenuer

All the big tech companies are showing off their new lines of TVs. Curved displays are pretty big this year. Does your TV have that edge?

Jason Fell | Entreprenuer

Then there's LG's series of OLED 4K TVs. They really are as breathtaking as you've heard they are.

Jason Fell | Entrepreneur

This is happening at CES this year: Attendees having conversations with real people via stand-in robots (on wheels). This one comes courtesy of the team at BeamPro.

Jason Fell | Entrepreneur

Even this year, the "booth babe" is a staple for many exhibitors at CES. Here's a more modest, retro take on the go-to attention getter.

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Jason Fell | Entrepreneur

Fashion, meet tech. The dress on the left changes color depending on the temperature. The one on the right lights up when music is played. Practical? Meh. But it's something worth checking out.

Jason Fell | Entrepreneur

As you might imagine, the tech press is all over the place. Here, our friends at Engadget are conducting one of many interviews.

Jason Fell | Entrepreneur

A souped-up, music-blasting ping pong table? Yes.

After a long day of walking what feels like miles and miles of tradeshow floor, lots of people are ready for a rest -- myself included.

Jason Fell | Entrepreneur

Or even better still.

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