How to Reset Your Career and Love What You Do The author of 'Embrace the Work, Love Your Career' shares her advice for anyone looking to fall in love with their work.

By Jessica Abo

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Fran Hauser is an investor, entrepreneur and the author of The Myth of the Nice Girl. Known for championing female founders, she has mentored women in the workforce for decades. Last year, she noticed many of her friends and colleagues were struggling.
"They were questioning their purpose, their career path and, on a more tactical level, their day-to-day work, and they weren't alone," she says. "I mean, so many of us are going through an existential crisis right now and questioning our life choices. I wanted to do something to help." So, she wrote a new book: Embrace the Work, Love your Career.

Once she started writing, Hauser realized through all of the mentoring she had done over the years and all of the talks she had given at different companies and organizations, that she had accumulated a ton of content. "Everything from strategies to checklists and creative prompts," she explains. "I thought it would be really valuable to package all of that up in an experiential way where you're not just reading, but you're also doing and interacting. And it was really important to me, given the weight that we're all caring right now, to make this book less academic and more practical, to make it beautiful and light and fun and something that you look forward to doing."

Hauser says over the course of her career she learned that "even the smallest steps can move you in the right direction." As a result, "taking action is a fundamental principle of the book and readers actually walk away with a personal career action plan. There are fun checklists, tools, creative exercises, all with the goal of helping you activate your vision for a career that you'll love. There's also lots of personal stories and practical advice. The chapters end with coloring breaks and meditations, which I really love, and they offer an opportunity to reset and reflect. I would say that there's definitely more of a holistic approach to this book with a focus on moving through your career mindfully."

In the video above, Hauser sat down with Entrepreneur to share some of her favorite exercises in the book and her advice for anyone who has forgotten their value.

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