Learn to Read More Books and Gain Actionable Business Insights by Speed Reading Some of the world's most successful people are speed readers. Now you can be, too.

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Melanie Deziel

You already know that reading is a great way to absorb knowledge and escape reality for a bit. Luminaries like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett attribute much of their success to their voracious reading habits. That's because reading not only helps you stay apprised of what's happening in the world of business and learn from others' mistakes, it also actually increases your cognitive functioning. But who has the time to read everything on their book list? You could invest in a book summary service, or you could become a speed reader like Gates and Buffett.

The Complete Speed Reading for Entrepreneurs Course can help take you from an average reader to a truly advanced one. By the end of the training, you should expect to go from reading a book a month to more than 100 books a year.

This one-hour course focuses on more than just speed reading; it can help you overhaul your perspective on learning. You'll explore the benefits of reading and discover some modern-day reading leaders. You'll learn how to develop an effective reading mindset, how to maximize your learning, and how to accelerate your speed through simple techniques and practices. At the end of the course, you'll also receive bonus materials to help you give your reading speed an additional boost.

Go from being an average reader to an insatiable one like some of the world's most successful people. The Complete Speed Reading for Entrepreneurs Course will help you develop an efficient, dedicated reading practice that will support you in your personal and professional lives. Get it for just $15 today.

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