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Mastering Your Emotions and Using Your Most Valuable Asset

Mark Youngblood, author of 'Dear Human, Master Your Emotions,' shares his experience with learning to understand and react to our emotions correctly.

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Our greatest successes can burn like embers in the ashes of our failures, provided that we better understand what led to the failure in the first place. is something that everyone should take the time to do, but it's not always easy when our run the show. Mark Youngblood, founder and CEO of Inner Mastery, Inc., tells us about his journey to master his emotions. Youngblood also introduces his new book, Dear Human, Master Your Emotions, which can serve as a guide to find balance in your life. Learn how to effectively manage your emotional state.

Mark Youngblood
  • [00:00:00] Unlock Higher Emotional Intelligence Today
  • [00:05:32] Take Control of "Black Sheep Emotions," Change Your Life
  • [00:11:30] Employees in a Bad Mood? You May Be to Blame!
  • [00:18:21] Emotions Are Messengers That Must Be Dealt With
  • [00:26:24] Use Emotions to Show Up as the Amazing Person You Are
  • [00:33:21] Tools to Tame It, Name It and Reframe It

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[00:00:00] Unlock a Higher Emotional Intelligence with Mark Youngblood

Growing up with an abusive and alcoholic father, author Mark Youngblood became an angry and resentful young adult. Shattered after the failure of an entrepreneurial endeavor, Youngblood got a wake-up call and embarked on a journey of personal development. Dear Human, Master Your Emotions serves as a self-discovery guidebook and represents a culmination of Youngblood's personal journey to achieve a joy-filled, balanced life. Are you ready to unleash your best self, master your emotions and become a fearless leader? Listen now.

[00:05:32] Take Control of "Black Sheep Emotions," Change Your Life

"You're either a driver or you're driven. If you're driven, who's in the driver's seat?" Entrepreneurs are often ferocious go-getters, but Youngblood queries whether or not wayward emotions are behind the wheel. Left unchecked, what Youngblood calls "black sheep emotions," can result in a bevy of dysfunctional behaviors. We explore how suppressed emotions can adversely impact leadership effectiveness.

[00:11:30] Employees in a Bad Mood? You May Be to Blame!

Leaders are infectious. Odds are if your corporate culture feels stressed out or chaotic, it's a direct reflection of your mood. Don't let your message get lost due to an unproductive emotional state. Youngblood, explains how you can harness your limbic system to effectively process emotions for a healthier business and happier employees.

[00:18:21] Emotions Are Messengers That Must Be Dealt With

Have your emotions ever gotten away from you, causing you to react in a way that you wish you hadn't? Emotions are messengers and an asset to how we function. Youngblood tells us that the answer to utilizing our emotions effectively is to understand them. Emotions bring energy and information. If we try to suppress them, they may surface in an adverse way later on. Learn helpful tips on how to appropriately deal with the onset of an intense emotional reaction.

[00:26:24] Use Emotions to Show Up as the Amazing Person You Are

We all know a larger-than-life person who always seems to shine brightly. Our self-conscious nature may cause us to believe that these people were innately wired to be better than us -- false. We all have the opportunity to shine, but it does take an immense amount of self-work. Youngblood offers insight on how to master your "autopilot reaction" and improve . Gain dominion over how you react, even in the most stressful situations. Learn how.

[00:33:21] Tools to Tame It, Name It and Reframe It

Mastering your emotions is no easy task, but if you do the work, it's possible to display your best self in every situation. Our emotions can control the way we live our lives; you need to understand what triggers them. Don't make the mistake of avoiding your emotions, address them head on, says Youngblood. Tune in for three important steps to achieve emotional mastery.

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