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The 4 Qualities of the Successful Elite The most accomplished people, in any field, share certain characteristics that each of us can cultivate for our own journey.

By Sherrie Campbell

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At the elite levels of success, talent and skill aren't enough to make you a stand-out because at these levels each candidate will be equal in both. As you climb to the top, success becomes about different things. Success becomes more about what sets you apart as unique and different from others. It becomes about who you are and how you deal with people. It becomes about your beliefs and attitudes. Success, once you reach the elite levels, becomes internal.

1. Individuality.

Individuality is the quality of your character that separates and distinguishes you from those of the same qualifications and ability, especially when strongly matched. To stand out, you have to be unafraid to express your more out-of-the-box ideas and risk putting them out there. You must possess the will and fortitude to be no one other than yourself, regardless of external pressures to fit in. To be admired, you must have a strongly developed belief in your inner purpose and in the uniqueness of your mind and thoughts.

Expressing your individuality means having the willingness to take responsibility for your actions. You honor your time by making complete use of it and you respect the space only you can occupy in the world. You strive to build a sense constancy in all things. All the while, you commit yourself to being flexible enough to stretch, to grow and to be brave.

True to who you are, you do not wish to be someone else or to be like someone, nor will you change for others based upon the larger ideas they promote that you see as limiting to your creativity. Sure in who you are, you are able to view another's criticism as a compliment to your individuality. If your ideas are targeted, then you can be certain you're doing something right.

When criticisms come, you are individual enough to possess that undeniable confidence and wisdom to view naysayers as your great motivational drivers. Their doubts and negative judgments only serve to create such a motivational stirring within you that you burn even more deeply with the conviction to have your ideas succeed in the world.

As you create your success from this type of emotional stirring you can someday thank these people, maybe even offer them a check, because without their skepticism you would not have had such a deep compulsion to succeed.

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2. Courage.

When you have courage you are bold in making your own choices about the life you choose to lead. As a courageous individual, you live with a refusal to let anyone or anything stand in your way; not your sex, your height, your appearance, skin color or socio economic background. You are deliberate in your belief in living a life without limits. In doing this, you show others how they can, and must, also follow this principle in their own lives.

Because you are courageous, you are committed to being creative, to constantly taking chances -- racehorse chances -- to negotiate your path. You can't play small because it is not in your make-up to do anything but strive for your best. With a sense of courage, you have been endowed with the finest levels of determination and believe you are made strong through struggle.

You know that in standing out you will face ridicule, but you press forward anyway. While some succumb to pressures of being "boxed," as a courageous person you stand up every time to each challenge and to each loss. You navigate your way to bigger and better levels of living, loving and succeeding.

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3. Patience.

Patience is knowing that not everything you put out will be a masterpiece, that not every idea you have will be workable. Patience is about trying for it. It is knowing the moment you put an idea into action that you are going for it.

When something doesn't work you go through a process of refinement. To perfect your ideas, you try again and again until you succeed. Patience is the wisdom of refinement. It is the willingness to start at the bottom and work your way up. It is the ability to remain steadfast, knowing that with enough tries you will get your result.

You are successful because you have learned how to "wait well." It is one thing to be driven but it is whole other thing to be driven through wisdom. Patience is a wise character trait built upon faith. Patience is not about waiting, being frustrated and stopping and hoping something good will come. The successful know that patience is about working hard and trusting that your desired result will manifest in its own perfect timing.

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4. Goodness.

The deeper intention of your purpose and creativity in life is geared towards the betterment of humanity. Your heart is centered, first and foremost, on being a good human being. You live with a sense of direction, pride, gratitude and the deep desire to give and make this world a better place. You understand that in the rendering of your time and services to many that this places you on the path to greatness through your goodness. Your authenticity is what brings you great wealth, great return, deeply felt satisfaction, a stellar reputation and profound joy.

The truly elite are other-centered and know the surest path to success comes by helping others to reach their own success. As a good human being, you have a way of being profound without being preachy. You have a deep sense of humanity and all of its flavors. You do not judge others as good, better or worse. You are not interested in the external but are rather searching to find the heart of another human being.

You understand not every person is a good person but you possess the composure to be kind regardless, without engaging too much. You believe in discipline and right action, as both of these bring out the best in yourself and others.

To be successful you must compel yourself toward ideas that liberate. You are passionate about ideas that have the power to make you and others bigger, finer, stronger, more courageous, more generous and more merciful.

To be successful you must work hard, count deeply on yourself and strive to owe nothing. You know you are a "somebody" when you are both intelligent and kind. These are traits hard to find wrapped up in one person. To be amongst the elite you must possess a certain resilience. You must be filled so deeply from within that you are naturally enthusiastic. With this enthusiasm for life you are able to get up time and again, to keep "doing" when you want to stop, to believe even when in doubt, and you are able to embrace failing and losing. You are aware that failing and losing only lead you into rediscovering, repurposing and ultimately "finding." There is no regression in life, only constant change fueling your growth, success and personal betterment.

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Sherrie Campbell

Psychologist, Author, Speaker

Sherrie Campbell is a psychologist in Yorba Linda, Calif., with two decades of clinical training and experience in providing counseling and psychotherapy services. She is the author of Loving Yourself: The Mastery of Being Your Own Person. Her new book, Success Equations: A Path to an Emotionally Wealthy Life, is available for pre-order.

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