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The Unusual Team-Building Methods of Famous Bosses (Infographic)

From flash mobbing to dinner clubs, here are a number of different way to boost your company's culture.

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To strengthen your company's culture, you'll have to get more creative than just hosting a happy hour or a bagel breakfast.

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Some of today's most famous bosses use whacky and out-there team-building methods to make their companies more cohesive. And considering the success of their businesses -- it must be working. Muhtar Kent, the chairman and former CEO of , uses "flash mobbing" to get employees working together and having fun.

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Ryan Mack, who runs 's office, likes to take the staff out on sailing trips in the Boston Harbor. CEO Craig Kreeger throws a "Sausage Sensation" activity for his employees, where the staff competes to create their own regional delicacies.

From family dinners to book clubs to brewing, check out Colonial Life's infographic for some fun team-building ideas.

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