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This Help Desk Worker's Defense of Her Job Will Inspire You to Do Your Best

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It's important to find value in your job -- it's where you spend at least 40 hours of your week. And whether you're the CEO of a company or an entry-level employee, everyone should feel like their job has purpose. Angela Felix reminds us that whatever you do for a living, you should always do your best and feel good about it too.

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Felix is a tech support worker for Blue Cross Blue Shield in . She spends a majority of her day on the phone assisting customers -- much of the time, frustrated customers. And while being on the doesn't get the best reputation as it involves solving other people's problems, handling angry customers and keeping your cool, Felix finds her job inspiring and rewarding. And if you've got that kind of mindset, you can pretty much do anything.

Angela Felix
Image credit: Angela Felix | Linkedin

After someone insulted Felix's job, she defended her title because hey -- she loves what she does. To Felix, her job isn't getting yelled at by angry customers, it's about solving problems and helping people.

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She took to LinkedIn to come back at the person who tried to take a stab at her career.

"I had someone recently make a jab at my job title, calling my Help Desk Lead role a 'little beetle bailey help desk job.'

"It bothered me and I found myself trying to justify why I'm almost 40 and not in a or director-level role in IT after 13 years. This is why.

"I love what I do. Do I like resetting passwords for the same folks every day? No. But I do love the sound of relief after I have. I'm grateful I'm the first person people reach out to when they don't know what to do. I like knowing people feel they can count on me to get the job done right the first time. I'm blessed enough to be trusted by my company with access to just about any application we have, and I'm thankful my team respects me enough to hang on for the ride. what I have a 'beetle bailey help desk job.' At least I find value in people and not titles."

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