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To Build a Global Business, You Must First Expand Your Vision of What's Possible Don't "fake it until you make it." Just make it.

By Kimanzi Constable

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As you're reading this, there are customers all over the world buying products and services, joining programs and hiring entrepreneurs. Internet access, social media, software and new ways of reaching customers have created an interesting opportunity for hungry entrepreneurs.

I don't know how business is going for you. Maybe you're experiencing one of your best years yet, or maybe you're not generating enough revenue to pay your bills. You might be dealing with self-limiting beliefs that keep you from seeing what's possible. Most of us set goals that are comfortable. We limit our vision.

You can build a comfortable business that generates just enough to let you live a comfortable life. You can sell just enough and put in just enough effort to give you some freedom. But we live in the digital information age with unlimited opportunity to reach customers and do business in places that have billions of potential customers. They only way you'll get there is if you understand these four things.

1. You can have more reach with less effort and expenses.

About 3.5 billion people use the internet every day. Billions of engaged users are on social media daily. You can purchase advertising through Google Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn, TV ads and more. You can also reach a wide potential customer base organically. You can have more reach without putting in a tremendous amount of effort and while keeping your expenses low.

You can build an email list, grow your social media networks, build local connections, get media exposure and partner with other successful entrepreneurs. Most of these are free or low-cost strategies to increase your reach and generate more revenue. You can market your business to a global audience all from the comfort of your home in your PJs.

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2. You can build a global business with a skeleton team.

In times past, you would have an office and hire a secretary or team. Today, you can hire a virtual assistant and freelancers online. You can create a whole team that you lead through your laptop and software. This team can take on tasks that allow you to scale your business quickly. You can take on projects from clients and companies all over the world.

Creating this kind of team is not as expensive as hiring a physical team. How you hire them and what you classify them as will be your choice but you have options. If you've felt like you couldn't grow a large or global business by yourself, you're right. However, you can hire these types of professionals that allow you to build a business that experiences explosive growth without the physical limitations.

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3. Things are always more complicated in our minds.

One little thought can turn into a crisis in our minds. We stack thoughts and situations and try to use them as evidence that our self-limiting beliefs are right. Today, you carry a powerful knowledge base in your pocket. There's no cap on what you can learn. You can learn the strategy that gets you to your wildest goals but only if you stop holding back on what you think is possible.

Get real about your thoughts related to huge goals. Process your feelings fully. You can train your mind to get back to peak state when it starts to get out of line. Don't let a thought of doubt or fear turn into a mountain in your mind. Stop limiting your vision but letting your emotions control you. Dream bigger and embrace the uncomfortable.

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4. There's nothing stopping you from the amazingness you deserve.

Self-worth and confidence can be two areas that have a profound effect on entrepreneurs. It affects everything from the actions you take to what you price your products and services. The path to greatness starts with you recognizing you deserve good things and more.

You are amazing -- believe that and let your actions prove you believe it. There's nothing stopping you but you. You don't need permission to build a business that creates freedom in your life. Work hard and ignore the naysayers who will never understand. Get confident in who you are and the value you provide. If that value is not where you want it to be, you know what to do.

There's opportunity all around you. Don't limit what you think is possible for your business. Build a business that's bigger than you. Have a huge vision for all the things you'll accomplish and then get to work. There's nothing stopping you from building a globally successful business.

Don't "fake it until you make it." Just make it.

Kimanzi Constable

Content Marketing Strategist

Kimanzi Constable is an author of four books and has been published in over 80 publications and magazines. He is the co-founder of Results Global Impact Consulting. He teaches businesses modern content strategies. Join him at RGIC.

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