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Top 5 Social Advertising Platforms for Ecommerce Sellers Choosing the right social advertising platform mix is essential to getting the most bang for your advertising buck, increasing your online sales, and maximizing your online store's profitability.

By Eden Amirav Edited by Michael Dolan

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As an e-commerce seller, you're most likely promoting your products in one way or another (or at least you should be if you want to increase your sales and profitability), whether it's via social media, paid ad campaigns, search engine optimization campaigns, influencer marketing or email marketing. There are many ways to promote an online store on the internet.

When advertising online, you don't want to promote your products; you also want to maximize your ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend). There are tactics to do this, but before you zoom into the finer details, you need to zoom out and decide which ad platform mix will help you optimize your store based on your product category and target audience.

What is social advertising?

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