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Top Industries for Job Seekers in 2022 Take solace in knowing that there's never been a better time to try something new.

By Tim Madden

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The signs are there that 2022 is a great year to look for a new high-level job — thanks to the Great Resignation, companies are looking to replace those transient workers in director, VP, and even executive-level positions. But just because it's a good time to look for work, doesn't mean that prospects are equally good across all industries.

There are a few usual industry suspects here that we immediately assume will have great candidate prospects, but the obvious industries aren't always the right ones for job-seekers to target and there are plenty of promising industries that often get overlooked because they aren't quite so "glamorous."

Don't feel disheartened if you are a job-seeker and your current industry doesn't fall on the list — it's never too late to switch industries, and chances are that the skills and experience you have already will take you far.


Let's start with one of the less surprising entries on this list. "High-growth" and "tech" have practically become synonymous in the business world, but that's for good reason. The sector typically achieves 5% or 6% growth a year, with some estimates closer to 10% and the most successful segments of the market being far higher.

One of the most successful areas is SAAS, which specifically focuses on software and applications that provide services. It's estimated to be growing at around 20% per year.

Part of the reason for all this growth is that technology is coming to have links with pretty much every other industry under the sun. Everyone needs applications and technological equipment to complete their daily tasks.

In the case of SAAS, most companies now rely on at least one application for agility and scalability, and this number is increasing rapidly. For instance, the ecommerce realm has been blessed with Shopify and the marketing world with Salesforce, and both applications are now key to all businesses within this sector. We can notice the same trend in everything from healthcare to education to the other industries named in this list.

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Financial services

Again, this one shouldn't come as a surprise. Areas like investment banking and insurance have always been known as profitable areas, and the emergence of fintech over the last couple of decades has done nothing to change that perception.

For instance, the BLS predicts that jobs in business and financial occupations will grow by 8% between 2020 and 2030, and certain areas within this general industry are expected to do even better.

As long as there are people or companies with money in the world, there's always going to be some level of demand for financial services. And since it doesn't look like the wealth of the biggest companies or millionaires of the US is going anywhere fast, it seems safe to assume that this industry will stick around for quite some time.

Logistics and transportation

If I asked you to name a few companies that have done well over the last few years, chances are that Amazon would get mentioned at some point. But most of us just see that as proof that tech and ecommerce are growing and don't see the bigger picture, which is that so many other sectors are impacted as a result.

For instance, without the logistics and transportation amenities needed to make the deliveries of items bought online possible, none of these ecommerce projects would be able to survive. And as ecommerce continues to rise in popularity, adjacent industries will also need to continually expand.

With demand skyrocketing and consumers increasingly demanding low-cost and fast shipping, it's becoming crucial for ecommerce websites to get hold of shipping solutions that can meet these needs. That means a major boom time for the logistics industry.

We can also expect all kinds of innovations in the industry as it launches new solutions, such as drones. These pioneering projects will create the need for more professionals to manage them and work on the frontline.

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Cryptocurrency and decentralized finance

Ever since their inception, mainstream media and traditional financial institutions have made out that cryptocurrencies and blockchain are nothing more than a fad or a passing phase. How times have changed.

2021 ushered in further acceptance of cryptocurrency. ProShares made the first bitcoin ETF in the US, governments across the world are considering launching their own digital currencies and even mainstream companies like J.P. Morgan have begun to research cryptocurrencies. Oh, and the SEC has validated it.

This is about far more than just bitcoin now. The blockchain world has now expanded to all kinds of applications, including insurance, peer-to-peer lending, gambling, and gaming. There are also plenty of links between artificial intelligence and the crypto world to keep your eyes on. New companies are springing up every single week with innovative projects, so if you want a safe bet, look no further.

The crypto sphere now represents a three trillion-dollar industry, and there's good reason to think that it will continue to expand well into the future.

Even if you're not interested in joining the cryptocurrency industry yourself, it's worth getting informed about what crypto offers as it could be about to disrupt just about every other industry.

Ready to take the plunge?

If you're feeling stuck in your current career or you're worried that your current industry could be left behind by the modern world, take solace in knowing that there's never been a better time to try something new.

The four sectors outlined above all offer great promise, and most of them consist of a diverse range of opportunities. What have you got to lose by making a few applications?

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Tim Madden

CEO of Executive Career Upgrades

Tim Madden is a veteran headhunter that has led teams that have placed over 6,000 professionals. He has worked at the largest recruitment firm in the world, responsible for over 50 million dollars of placements of executives. He's a nationally recognized recruiter and has served in the US Army.

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