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The 4 Things Holding You Back from Becoming a Great Leader — With Robert Irvine If you've wondered why your leadership style is flat, unmoving, or poorly received, then you'll want to check out this Q&A video for Robert's best tips.

By Mark Klekas Edited by Mark Klekas

Robert Irvine, renowned for his hit TV shows like Dinner: Impossible and Worst Cooks in America, is teaming up with Entrepreneur+ to provide exclusive content and a special Q&A for subscribers. If you're a subscriber, keep reading! But if you still need to subscribe to Entrepreneur+, click here to unlock your membership for less than $1/week.

As an Entrepreneur+ subscriber, we want to give you the best insights into startup culture, growing businesses and clever leadership tactics. And there is no better person to give this month's Subscribers-Only Event than Robert Irvine. He knows his way around the kitchen, but he also knows his way around how to put a team together. He understands the distinction between being in charge and being a true leader who can captivate attention and create a lasting impact.

If you've wondered why your leadership style is flat, unmoving, or poorly received, then you'll want to check out this Q&A video for Robert's best tips. In this special event, Robert will cover:

  1. Managing ego — how unchecked egos will ruin your business and how to curve them for good
  2. Being brutally honest – how honesty builds trust
  3. Providing mentorship – helping those who work with you be their best selves
  4. Being socially aware – reading a situation & people when you walk into a room

At 2 p.m. ET on December 12, we will premier our video Q&A with Robert Irvine where subscribers will get exclusive insights into his leadership style. Whether you own a business, have a side hustle or are trying to progress in your career — this Q&A can help you become a top-tier leader and communicator.

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Mark Klekas

Entrepreneur Staff

Subscriptions Editor

Mark is the editor for our digital subscription, Entrepreneur+. He’s focused on providing the best content and resources for our subscribers. Mark received a Bachelor of Science in Management from the University of Utah. Previously, he worked as a marketing manager at an investment group specializing in startups, hospitality, and e-commerce. He also worked as a digital content producer for a local news station where he covered politics, crime and breaking news. 


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