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Unlocking Success in 2024: 5 Key Questions Every Entrepreneur Must Consider Want to make 2024 your best year ever? Here are 5 questions to ask yourself.

By Terry Rice Edited by Dan Bova

Speak Your Way to Cash

Ready to make a big impact in 2024? Then you'll have to go beyond simply making a new years resolution. Reason being, research suggests that only 9% of Americans that make resolutions complete them.

So what's a better approach? Don't just make a goal, focus on the transformation you'll go through to make it happen.

Our actions often mirror our self-perception, and these perceptions are influenced by the thoughts and narratives we consistently engage with.

Here's a question that will help you align your thoughts and narratives with the goals and outcomes you're seeking.

"In order to make 2024 a success; what do I have to become, do, learn, experience and sacrifice?"

I'll share my responses with you below for context and provide informaiton on a free 2024 Refocus Challenge as well.

What must I become?

This is where you'll document a high-level outcome for 2024. I'll share a personal and professional example for this question and all of the following.

In order to make 2024 a success I must become . . .

Professional: A thought leader in the world of high-performance and resilience

Personal: Better at consistently helping my kids with their homework

It's easy to understand why my professional goal is so important.

However, I believe my personal goal is even more crucial because it means I will have prioritized my time well and I'm not letting my professional life get in the way of my family obligations.

Action item: Think about who you want to be by the end of 2024 and jot down your response.

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What must I do?

Here's where you'll jot down the specific actions or routines you'll commit to.

In order to make 2024 a success I must . . .

Professional: Block off time on my calendar for content creation and learning

Personal: Block off time each week to take my kids out individually

To be a thought leader you must protect the time needed for discovering and sharing new ideas.

And as a parent of multiple children, it's easy to get caught up in the chaos of managing a tribe. But I know those one on one conversations are vital to building healthy bonds with my kids.

Action item: Determine the specific actions and routines that will mold you into the person you would like to become.

What must I learn?

This is where you'll document your personal and professional development goals.

Professional: Attain a Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) certification

Personal: Attain a CrossFit kids coaching certification

Although I'm generally good at connecting with and understanding people, an NLP certification will provide me with additional tools to help others.

In regard to coaching my kids, this will be a great opportunity for me to spend more time with them and help them develop healthy habits.

Action item: Determine and document any training you may need as well as when you'll get started.

What will I experience?

Experiences are more valuable than possessions because they stick with us for longer. Use this prompt to document the experiences you're seeking.

In order to make 2024 a success I must experience . . .

Professional: Getting paid to write a book about resilience

Personal: Going on a month-long vacation with my family

I rarely go on vacation, so taking a month off with my family would certainly be a sign of success. Getting paid to write a book about my work will be the perfect reason to celebrate.

Action item: Get creative here. What's a memory you want to make in 2024?

What am I willing to sacrifice?

You can't go through a meaningful transformation without making some sacrifices. Use this as an opportunity to jot down what you're willing to give up in order to become the best version of yourself.

In order to make 2024 a success I am willing to sacrifice . . .

Professional: Short-term revenue generating opportunities so I can focus on long-term success and fulfillment

Personal: My desire for others to consistently follow logic and reason

As a parent, it can be challenging when you constantly have to remind your kids of stuff you've already constantly reminded them about. But that can easily lead to frustration, so I'll be more patient.

That patience will also be applied to my professional life. I'll commit to turning down transactional opportunities so I can focus on long-term partnerships and larger engagements.

Action item: I know this part is tough, but what must you give up in order to achieve your ultimate goal?

What's next?

Use the prompts in the exercise to plan your intentional transformation. And if you'd like my help, I'm kicking off a free 2024 Refocus Challenge on 11/29 at 1pm EDT.

I'll share how you can say goodbye to old priorities, outdated habits, toxic mindsets, and make 2024 your year of growth. Join me and my fellow experts from Smart Passive Income for this live event.

Can't attend in real time? You can still access the recording by signing up, even after the event has occurred. Hope to see you in there.

Terry Rice

Entrepreneur Staff

Business Development Expert-in-Residence

Terry Rice is the Business Development Expert-in-Residence at Entrepreneur and Managing Director of Growth & Partnerships at Good People Digital; an agency that provides marketing and monetization solutions for entrepreneurs. He writes a newsletter about how to build your business and personal resilience and personal brand in just 5 minutes per week and created a revenue optimization checklist to help you multiply your income potential. 

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