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9 Apps Every Traveling Entrepreneur Needs to Have Whether you're exchanging currencies, catching a ride or tracking down your suitcase, "There's an app for that."

By Anna Johansson Edited by Dan Bova

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Being an entrepreneur usually means being a frequent traveler. You need to go out of the city to meet with partners, mentors, clients or maybe even employees -- as well as attend conferences and seminars to stay plugged into your industry.

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A double-edged sword

For some entrepreneurs, the opportunity to travel is part of what makes the job worth it; travel gives you the chance to see the country (or even the world) and discover new cultures and attractions. For others, it's a logistical nightmare, fraught with complexities and vulnerability to even simple mistakes.

No matter how you feel about your travel obligations, you'll want some help to make sure you get to your destinations safely, consistently and on time. Now that we live in the glorious smartphone era, there's an app for just about everything -- including the travel needs of enrepreneurs. If you find yourself traveling frequently as a business owner, make sure you download these apps:

1. Uber

What list of travel apps would be complete without Uber? Now several years old, Uber has grown to become one of the most popular apps in the world, and for good reason. With the touch of a button, you can order a personal driver to come pick you up and drive you to your destination.

Uber is currently active in hundreds of cities around the world, so whether you need a ride to your hotel from the airport or a travel delay has compromised your original plans, Uber will be there to bail you out.

2. Trunkster

The Trunkster app is actually part of a package deal; it comes with a 22-inch suitcase that syncs with the app. Originally funded on Kickstarter and one of the best-funded travel-related campaigns in the site's history, Trunkster lets you know exactly where your luggage is at all times.

That means you don't have to worry about its being stolen or lost by airport personnel.

3. TripCase

Put simply, TripCase is an app that focuses on itinerary management. When you get a confirmation email or itinerary notice, you can forward it to a designated email address, and TripCase will automatically analyze the message and reduce it to its most important bits of data.

Then, you can access your TripCase app and manage all of your travel components in one place.

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4. Lola

Lola, short for "longitude and latitude," is an app that puts you in contact with other people rather than relying on automated algorithms to do the work.

You'll get in touch with your travel team and give them all the information they need about the travel accommodations you need; they'll take care of the rest. Think of the app as your own personal travel assistant.

5. Currency

One of the simpler, yet more practical, apps on this list, Currency is an essential for international travelers. The app tracks currency values in real time and helps you convert between any two international currencies.

6. Bravolol.

Are you getting ready to travel to a foreign country that doesn't speak English? Download Bravolol. The app can teach you about dozens of different popular languages, making it a must-have tool for the international traveler.

7. GateGuru.

GateGuru is an all-in-one tool that helps airline travelers navigate their itineraries (and airports). Like TripCase, GateGuru can help you manage your itinerary and direct you to your boarding gate within an airport. It also lists different shops and restaurants available and other amenities nearby.

8. Hipmunk

Hipmunk is an app you should have before you start traveling. It helps you find travel accommodations, from airlines to rental cars to hotels. Hipmunk can also give you recommendations for your trips and syncs with your calendar and email, so you remain in the know at all times.

9. LoungeBuddy

If you have a long layover or are getting back from a long flight, dealing with typical airport accommodations can be exhausting. LoungeBuddy makes it easy to find your airport's dedicated lounge, and allows you to purchase access to the lounge the day of travel or up to two months in advance. If you frequent airport lounges, it's an app you need to have.

Whether travel is your paradise or your own personal hell, you'll be a lot less stressed with these apps in tow. To make things even better, most of these apps have garnered enough popularity to have attracted competitors and imitators; if you find one app's interface insufficient or its functionality leaving something to be desired, you can always download and try something new.

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Eventually, you'll wind up with a full roster of apps that make your life significantly easier -- and for very little cost as well.

Anna Johansson

Freelance writer

Anna Johansson is a freelance writer who specializes in social media and business development.

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