According to Elon Musk, man will reach Mars in the year 2029

The owner of Tesla and SpaceX made his prediction by replying to a tweet from an account dedicated to space exploration.

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Telescopes capable of capturing the first light of the universe , huge rockets that are almost ready to take off , manned tests of vehicles to explore the lunar terrain … there is no doubt: space exploration is experiencing a great moment and makes us dream of the possibility that soon , the human being finally arrives to Mars . It is not a new idea and over the years we have dreamed of the moment when we will conquer the so-called red planet. Books and movies like Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles and Andy Weir's The Martian explore what the event will be like and the implications it could have.

As the race to develop technology capable of carrying the first astronauts to Mars heats up, scientists, politicians and businessmen are trying to make their predictions around when this will finally happen. The latest to get into this game is Elon Musk , the South African entrepreneur who is always active on Twitter.

The Twitter account @Space_Hub , dedicated to posting on astronomy and space exploration, uploaded an image of Neil Armstrong with the number 1969 and another of the red planet with the number 20__ between question marks above it. In addition, in the caption they tagged Musk and asked him to make a prediction about the year we will arrive on Mars.

The response of the owner of Tesla and SpaceX? 2029 .


Various space agencies are working today on programs that aim to take humans to Mars. Not only are the governments of different countries involved in them, but also billionaire businessmen who invest large amounts to support the cause. Among the companies and agencies involved are SpaceX (by Elon Musk), Boeing , Blue Origin (by Jeff Bezos), Virgin Galactic (by Richard Branson), Inspiration Mars (by Dennis Tito), the Chinese Space Administration , NASA , Roscosmos , the Japan Exploration Agency and the Indian Agency for Investigation . Some of them work together seeking to be the first in a race that reminds us of the one to reach the Moon first in the 1960s.

At the time, the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, declared that NASA could send a manned mission to Mars in the year 2033. It must be remembered that nine different missions have been successfully sent to the red planet; the first of these was the Viking I probe that landed on its surface on July 20, 1976. Russia and India have also had successful missions with devices that came to orbit the red planet.

Entrepreneur Staff

Entrepreneur Staff


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