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Create Habits, Reinforce Routines, and Budget With One of These Life Journals

These journals and workbooks can help you find balance.

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Being an entrepreneur is difficult. Between running a company and balancing your personal obligations, things are bound to get lost in the stack. Whether you miss a bill payment, forget a kid's event, or just have trouble getting to sleep every night, a life that lacks balance makes it hard for you to be at your best in any aspect.

Habit Nest understands that lives need balance and they produce products to help you find that balance. Check out some of their offerings below.

Habit Nest

The Habit Nest Daily Planner

Get the most out of every day. This daily planner is an undated, six month long daily planner that offers a fresh design and layout for scheduling your day, starting your day with intention, and ending each day with positive and reflection.

Get The Habit Nest Daily Planner for $23.99 (Reg. $28), a savings of 16%.

Habit Nest

Budgeting Sidekick Journals (Volumes 1 & 2)

Budgeting is hard for everyone, especially when you're doing it for your family and a business. This journal series helps you create a concrete plan for managing your finances and holds you accountable to your budgeting goals. It comes with a 5-month journal and a one-year journal, and offers daily thought-provoking, informative, actionable content to help you build a better relationship with money. Each journal features monthly prep, daily tracking, and monthly reconciliation to hold you accountable.

Get the Budgeting Sidekick Journals (Volumes 1 & 2) for $31.99 (Reg. $39.99), a savings of 19%.

Habit Nest

Sleep & Evening Routine Sidekick Journal

Sleep is crucial to your success. But so is an intentional evening routine. This journal provides you with resources to get into an evening routine that fits your life so you can get great sleep every single night. It has a daily tracking system that lets you set and track your sleep targets, and improve your sleep and your quality of life.

Get the Sleep & Evening Routine Sidekick Journal for $23.99 (Reg. $28), a savings of 17%.

Prices subject to change.

Habit Nest

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