Get the Eight Hours of Sleep You Deserve With the Help of These 10 Accessories Because every entrepreneur needs a good night's rest.

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Sleep is crucial to functioning at our very best. And yet, with so many stressors surrounding their lives, many entrepreneurs don't get enough of it. It's a catch-22: You need sleep to do your best, but you can't get to sleep because you're too overwhelmed. Well, we've rounded up some products that might be able to help. Check them out.


LectroSound Sleep & Relax Soothing Noise Machine

Block out distractions and noise and get to sleep easier. This noise machine features a custom-designed analog circuitry to generate warm, robust non-looping white noise that will help you drift off.

Get the LectroSound Sleep & Relax Soothing Noise Machine for $15.99 (Reg. $39), a savings of 60 percent.

Kathy Ireland

Kathy Ireland Weighted Neck & Shoulder Wrap

This weighted wrap will feel like a warm embrace around your neck and shoulders. Put it on over your shoulders, on your back, or on your legs, and you'll start to feel the relaxing benefits immediately. Before you know it, you'll be drifting away.

Get the Kathy Ireland Weighted Neck & Shoulder Wrap for $34.99 (Reg. $79), a savings of 56 percent.


Restly Sleep App

Named a #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt, Restly is the foolproof method of getting to sleep in two minutes or less, the company says. Utilizing tricks from the U.S. Army, Restly uses calming sounds to get you through a shortened sleep journey. It also features a smart alarm clock, a sleeping timer, and sleep statistics.

Get the Restly Sleep App for $39.99 (Reg. $100), a savings of 60 percent.


BUZIO Weighted Blanket

We all could use a nice warm hug from time to time. You'll have that feeling whenever you need with this weighted blanket that's filled with hypoallergenic glass beads.

Get the BUZIO Weighted Blanket for $48.99 (Reg. $59), a savings of 18 percent.


Carbon SnoreX™ 8-in-1 Cooling Pillow

This innovative pillow utilizes eight different technologies for supreme comfort. Carbon Bamboo AirTech Memory Foam, Graphene, and Copper protect against allergens and bacteria; dual arm rests provide ultimate comfort; and the ice cool cover ensures you always have the cool side of the pillow.

Get the Carbon SnoreX™ 8-in-1 Cooling Pillow for $48.99 (Reg. $99), a savings of 51 percent.

Dreamlight Tech

Dreamlight Heat™ Infrared Heating Sleep Mask

Relax your way into a deep, comfortable sleep with this eye mask's complete light-blocking, infrared heating system, and gentle materials. It goes on cozily and instantly starts to relax your eyes to Dreamland.

Get the Dreamlight Heat™ Infrared Heating Sleep Mask for $60.99 (Reg. $69), a savings of 11 percent.


Yaasa Memory Foam Pillow

You'll melt into this memory foam pillow. Made from proprietary memory foam materials, this pillow both offers support for your neck and shoulders while making your head feel like it's on a cloud.

Get the Yaasa Memory Foam Pillow for $69.99 (Reg. $79), a savings of 11 percent.


SOLUS⁺ Smart Infrared Heater

Sometimes, to get to sleep, you just need the right temperature. This smart, cost-efficient, electric infrared heater uses NanoWave technology to rapidly heat any space in your home while using less energy than standard space heaters. You'll get warm and have the peace of mind that you're not shelling out on heat.

Get the SOLUS⁺ Smart Infrared Heater for $328.95 (Reg. $410), a savings of 19 percent.


GhostBed® 11" Memory Foam Cooling Mattress

It gets its name because even ghosts would be comfortable on this mattress. Combining aerated latex foam, memory gel foam, and a plush cover, this supremely relaxing mattress stays cool while offering support wherever you need it.

Get the GhostBed® 11" Memory Foam Cooling Mattress for $766.99 (Reg. $1,095), a savings of 29 percent.


GhostBed® Adjustable Base

Want to add some customizability to your GhostBed? Get the adjustable base that adjusts in multiple distinct areas to help you find the perfect position to relax or fall asleep.

Get the GhostBed® Adjustable Base for $838.99 (Reg. $1,198), a savings of 29 percent.

Prices subject to change.

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