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Google Workspace

Running a business has always been difficult. Over the past year, companies have endured a slew of new challenges, from transitioning to a remote world to stunted creativity and collaboration. Keeping your brand aligned is simply more difficult today than it has been in the past. There are myriad solutions for business owners adjusting to remote work. Still, as the idea of hybrid work gains steam, entrepreneurs will once again be faced with productivity and collaboration challenges.

Regardless of how big your business is or what it does, Google Workspace offers solutions tailor-made for you.

What is Google Workspace?

You might see a big name like Google and think it only offers large-scale enterprise solutions. Instead, Google Workspace extends a single solution for all of your business' productivity and collaboration needs, no matter the size of your team. They offer a one-size-fits-all solution that makes transitioning between remote and in-person collaboration (and something in-between) easier than ever, Google says.

Google Workspace addresses your productivity needs with Google Drive, giving you access to collaborative word processing (Docs), spreadsheets (Sheets), and presentation software (Slides) that everyone on your team can use to build out ideas. You can connect via video conferences or group chats on Google Meet, collaborate across documents, and much more. Additionally, you can get up to unlimited cloud storage for your company supported by data backup/loss prevention and protected by the most robust security cloud services can offer. Of course, you'll also get an elite, ad-free email service for your domain that establishes trust and will help you build a stronger brand.

Why Google Workspace?

Everybody knows Google. Millions of people use Google products like Gmail and Google Chrome in their personal lives. That familiarity and seamless cohesion between personal and professional makes employees more comfortable with the tools they use at work every day.

In a soon-to-be hybrid world, comfort and familiarity are more important than ever, and Google Workspace makes teamwork and productivity a natural extension of employees' lives. They can easily switch between personal and work accounts to organize their days more effectively with tools that help them connect with colleagues more easily than ever.

Between the professional email domain, advanced collaboration features, robust security, and outstanding cloud storage and data backup support, Google Workspace provides everything businesses need to thrive in a hybrid work environment, Google says.

Better yet, Google Workspace provides central IT administration, making it easy for admins to add and remove users as a company grows, so it's fully prepared to scale with you at no extra cost.

How do I get Google Workspace?

Google Workspace offers a variety of plans suitable for companies of all sizes in all industries. From the Business Starter plan available for $6 per user per month to the Business Plus plan available for $18 per user per month and customizable Enterprise plans, Google Workspace works for everyone. Help your company thrive through a brave new world with Google Workspace. Check them out for pricing for your company today.

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