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DNA My Dog

This article was writtern by Jennifer Costello.

Growing up, I had a dog named Max that we adopted from the local shelter. I was only around 5 years old, but from what I can remember, Max was a pretty amazing dog. He always watched over my sister and me when we played in the yard, and sometimes he would even join in, especially if we were playing baseball.

We're still not sure what breeds Max was mixed with. He was around 35 pounds, and my guess would be he had some kind of Terrier in him due to his size and temperament.

Max lived to be 13 years old which, way back then, was considered pretty old for a dog.

We weren't dog experts back in the day; we were just a family with a dog and we cared for him the best way we knew how.

Max ate Gaines Burgers for breakfast and dinner, Milk Bones for dog treats and ran away all the time because he was an escape artist. There was no doubt that he loved us, because he always came back home.

Looking back now, I really wish I knew what breeds Max had in him, but then, there wasn't such a thing as DNA tests for dogs. If there was, we would have been able to learn more about Max's personality traits and been able to provide him with better care if we knew what health risks he was genetically exposed to.

But now, thanks to dog DNA tests, I can easily find out all that important information on future mixed-breed dogs that become a part of our family.

What is a dog DNA test?

A dog DNA test, such as the DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test, is similar to a human DNA test where it can supply you with a lot of information about your dog that you wouldn't otherwise know.

DNA test results include your dog's breed mix by a percentage based on a library of about 250 to 350 unique dog breeds. For each of the breeds that show up in your dog's DNA, you can get more information on that breed.

Information such as that breed's temperament, appearance, history, fun facts, medical conditions, and other breed-related information.

For instance, my sister's dog is a Corgi mixed with a Sheltie, so when she had a DNA test done on her dog, it showed all the history, facts, and medical issues that are normally seen in a Corgi and a Sheltie.

How does the My Dog DNA Breed Identification Test work?

The DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test is pretty simple to use and it's fast, easy and painless for all parties involved.

All you have to do is order the kit, swab your dog's cheek with the sterile swab provided, place the swab in the sample envelope included in the kit, and place the return mailing envelope in the mail.

You'll receive the results of the DNA sample back in two weeks or less.

What will the results of the DNA test tell you?

When you receive the results of your dog's DNA test from the My Dog Breed Identification you'll get a custom photo certificate of the breeds found in your dog's genetic breed composition that you can keep in your dog's medical file.

You'll also get a percentage breakdown of the levels found in your dog's unique DNA. For even more detailed information, you can request exact percentages through customer service.

Lastly, you'll be given a report on your dog's dominant breeds, personality traits, and health concerns that you should be on the lookout for.

Who benefits from a dog DNA test?

First and most importantly, your dog benefits from a DNA test because it gives you the opportunity to provide your dog with the best care and training.

Knowing what health conditions your dog might be in danger of can give you a heads up on signs and symptoms to watch out for. It also helps you know what preventative steps you can take to ensure that you're doing everything you can to keep your dog in tip-top shape.

For instance, since my sister knows that her dog is part Corgi, she can take preventative measures against orthopedic and spine issues that the Corgi breed is known to have.

Second, you can benefit from knowing your dog's breed information because it may save you money on costly vet visits in the long run.

This can be by simply changing your dog's diet or implementing some lifestyle changes.

An example would be if you have a mixed breed that comes up as being predominantly Labrador Retriever. Labs are generally at risk for becoming obese, so you can easily take steps to make sure that they are getting adequate exercise and a balanced diet so that they have less risk of becoming overweight.

Overweight dogs are more likely to suffer from joint conditions and heart issues, so just by changing their diet and lifestyle, you may be able to eliminate that issue and add additional years to their life.

Labs are also notorious for being chewers, so instead of always dealing with chewed-up furniture or shoes, you can make sure to provide them with plenty of appropriate chew options.

Don't just take my word for it though–many people have been very pleased with The DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test.

One happy pet parent had this to say, "I loved this experience!!! The kit came immediately with great instructions. The results came exactly when promised. When I couldn't open the attachment with the results, I emailed my concern and got instant help! To find out his DNA has been the coolest experience! The description of the levels was most helpful. SO GLAD I DID THIS!!"

And this DNA dog breed test was labeled as the 'Leader in Ethical Canine Genetic Testing' during the GHP Biotechnology Awards 2020.

How much does it cost?

The DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test is one of the more affordable tests that I've seen offered to pet owners.

You can buy multiple kits so if you have multiple mixed dogs that you want to test you can get more kits.

Also the more kits you buy the more you save!

You can get The DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test in a 2-pack for just $97.94 (a savings of 34 percent) with code ANNUAL15.

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Prices subject to change.

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