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The Best Travel Deals Websites to Book Your Next Vacation

Set your sights on the best travel deals websites.

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The world is reopening, and with it, the possibilities for your next great adventure are endless. But for the financially savvy, booking a vacation often means finding the best travel deals websites to avoid parting ways with money that could otherwise be used on necessities.

A travel deals website can help alleviate the hassle of manually entering date ranges and expedition specifics, automating the planning process so that you can focus on more important things, like determining how many Hawaiian shirts is too many to bring.

The utility of these services varies from site to site, however. While some ask that you book your flights, hotel stays, and car rentals separately, others are all-inclusive, delivering comprehensive package deals that bundle all aspects of your trip into one. 

Because there are so many different platforms to choose from, picking the right site for your needs can be an arduous chore in and of itself. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best travel deals websites the internet has to offer.

Best Overall: Great Value Vacations 
Best for Cruises: Travelzoo 
Best for Spontaneity: Skyscanner 
Best for Booking: Expedia 
Best for Non-Hotel Lodging: 
Best Comparison Site: Kayak

Great Value Vacations

Best Overall: Great Value Vacations

Like Groupon for romantic (or platonic!) escapes with a close companion, Great Value Vacations may not be the most well-known travel deals site out there, but it does have some of the best prices for two. And right now you can save an extra $100 per person using the promo code CONTENTLB.


Best for Cruises: Travelzoo

Though it offers a similar model to that of Great Value Vacations, Travelzoo is a lot more flexible when it comes to the types of vacations you can take. Its cruise options are particularly compelling, with destinations ranging from Alaska to Hawaii all the way down to the Caribbean.


Best for Spontaneous Planning: Skyscanner

Sometimes you just want to go somewhere, even if you’re not sure yet where that somewhere is. For the impulsive vacationer, Skyscanner presents deals on travel all over the world — the only catch is that you’ll have to depart at a predetermined date and time for maximum savings.


Best for Booking: Expedia

Perhaps the most famous travel deals websites around, Expedia has earned its reputation as the de facto platform for booking trips. In addition to low pricing, it is one of the easiest travel services to use, hence its general ubiquity.

Best for Non-Hotel Lodging:

It may have gotten its start as a hotel booking service, but now is something of a virtual bazaar for all things accommodations. Not only can you book your standard hotel there, you can also find apartments, cabins, villas, tiny houses, and RVs.


Best Comparison Site: Kayak

More of a travel deals website aggregator than a deals site of its own, Kayak lets you see how one site’s price stacks up against the next. It’s a clever way to demonstrate how deep your savings are in real time before you book.

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