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This Is How Energetic Intelligence Can Be Your Superpower Emotional intelligence helps us understand our emotions, but energetic intelligence takes it to the next level.

By Simon Lovell Edited by Amanda Breen

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For many years, I lived in what I call the "autopilot" stage of my life, completely unaware that I could change the way that I thought and alter the path of my life.

Then, like many people, I went through a series of events that forced me to look for answers. For me, that was a panic attack that led me to discover personal development.

I was hooked when my life began to change. I became a better person. My business started to take off. One of the major turning points was when my company went from earning $60,000 per month to $100,000 per month in the space of around six weeks.

I did not add another strategy to my business, but instead let go of the fear of what someone else thought of me. When you're "worried what people think," you're usually worried about one person or group of people. For me, it was another mentor that I admired. By fixating on whether he'd like what I was doing, I sabotaged myself.

The energy of fear kept me from breaking through to the next level financially. When this trapped energy became free, it was like launching a rocket. I took more action. I accessed more opportunities.

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"Energy impacts confidence"

Nowadays, I refuse to work with clients on strategy until they spend six weeks optimizing their energy and become true to who they are at their core. The bi-product of investing this time often results in wins for clients without adding a tactic. Why? Because energy impacts confidence.

Emotional Intelligence has been very much a buzzphrase over the past few years, and rightly so. It helps us become aware of our emotions so that we can demonstrate healthy behaviors.

But energy is what impacts our emotion.

It goes like this.

When energy shifts, emotions change. When we feel different, we think differently. When we repeat a thought, it becomes a belief, and when we believe something enough to identify with that, it becomes our identity, who we are.

You will know this if you've ever been in a room when someone else walks in and changes the energy. You didn't even have to see the person because you immediately felt his or her energy field overlap yours.

Many busy entrepreneurs are stuck inside their own heads, and as a result, there's little or no connection with the body, which often manifests in soothing behaviors, like alcohol use.

If we don't have this connection, lack of focus, burnout, poor self-management and a huge list of other complications hinder calm, confident, authentic growth. We have low energy, but we normalize and become used to it. Unhealthy habits and behaviors become standard.

"You're tapping into a superpower"

The key is to start to understand the flow of energy that is happening in the body, how to reset that energy, when to relax and when to take action. When you're aware of your optimum energy frequency and can access it, you're tapping into a superpower because energy is power.

All throughout your day, whether you are aware of it or not, there are energetic windows that are opening and closing.

I live in Del Mar, California, a block from the beach, and when I walk the trails in the morning with my dog, I always see the surfers out in the ocean. Imagine if a surfer went out there for four hours, but never stood up on the board when a wave came.

If people come to me with low energy, it typically means that there is either subconscious weight that is holding them back, they've fallen into bad habits, or they've lost their life force in some other way. Something happened to knock them off their path, and they don't know how to reset their nervous system.

By far the most powerful energy that we have available is our sexual energy. Sexual transmutation is the channeling of our sexual energy for creativity and action. Think about it: That energy is used to create a baby. It's so incredibly powerful and can be used to bring dreams into reality at a rapid rate.

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Then, there's meditation. For many, the practice is seen as a way to "calm down" when stressed, but it's actually one of the primary ways to shift energy. When we create a discipline of meditation with longer periods of time and are consistent, we can take our natural energy default and shift it up into many high levels. This is when you start to notice results because you're able to handle more emotionally. You move so quickly and consciously that this high energy is no longer impacted by the energy of fear.

I phase my clients from 10 minutes of meditation in week one to 60 minutes over a six-week period for this reason. It's not just to help them feel calmer, but also to shift their energetic system so that they can produce; ultimately, people come to me to take action and better themselves.

When I hear excuses like "I don't have the time" or "it doesn't work for me," I remind them that if they want to be efficient and not waste precious time, they need to use that time to optimize their energetic capacity. If you're spending most of the day fuzzy, stressed and unfocused, you're not an effective entrepreneur.

"The body stores energy from past events"

Meditation combined with energetic intelligence can also release trapped energy for healing. The body stores energy from past events and the "pop" is the release of that. We must also be very conscious of the fact that in the Western world, our energy shifts a lot more.

You could be energetically fine, then watch one news item or see one social-media post that completely shifts your energy. If you're not aware of that happening or how to get yourself back to your optimum level, you could spend days, weeks or months stuck in the frequency of that shift.

Once I help people discover their optimum energy frequency, they can then set this as a benchmark to come back to. If we don't know what that is, or it's always been set too low, then there's a lot of room for growth.

As you go about your day today, start to notice the small shifts in energy. Pay attention to when you feel low and when you feel high, and consider what causes those changes. If you can take control of your energetic intelligence, you'll completely change the way you operate your business and live a fulfilled life.

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Simon Lovell

Executive Coach

Simon Lovell is an executive coach and creator of The Super High Performance Formula.

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