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Virgin Trains Is Giving Travelers a New Way to Track Their Missing Baggage


Traveling is stressful enough even before the prospect of lost luggage, but the U.K.'s Virgin Trains is testing out a solution to get your bags back to you faster in the event they go MIA.

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The rail operator is working with HomingPIN, a service that lets travelers register for a code that is linked to their mobile phone number and email address. Users are sent luggage tags and labels with the code, which they then attach to everything from suitcases and computers to passports, wallets and keys.

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So what happens when someone finds the missing baggage? Whoever locates the luggage can input the code into the HomingPIN website; the company will then alert the owner via text message that the bag was found. The good Samaritan doesn't get any information about bag's owner.

About 1,000 Virgin Train passengers are currently trying out the HomingPIN system.

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