Entrepreneur Magazine: January 1996

Featured Article

Fax To The Max

Perk up your sales with fax cover sheets that do double duty as promotional tools.

Pocket Pals

Thanks to personal digital assistants, you can take it all with you.

To The Rescue

Looking for health coverage? An insurance agent may be your best source.

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Feature Presentation

The newest software makes creating presentations easier than ever.

Package Deal

The U.S. Postal Service's new marketing strategy may pay off for small business.

Behind The Wheel

Auto leasing options that get your business in gear

Stop, Thief!

Are your employees robbing you blind?

Man Of The House

Bringing linens out of the closet turned this retail maverick into a household name.

Investing 101

A crash course in building your personal portfolio

Just Do It

For expert motivator Jim Rohn, success is no mystery--it's simply a matter of discipline.

Great Minds

It takes more than just brain power to make it as an inventor.