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June 1997

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June 1997

Entrepreneur | June 1997
June 1997
Entrepreneur Magazine

Power Play

What are you waiting for? There's never been a better time to start a high-tech business.

Untangled Web

Three new software programs help you put the Web to work for your business.

Taking Credit

What's hot on the World Wide Web.

Progress Report

The latest in modern technology.

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Basic Training

Entrepreneurs have taken a little knowledge a long way by meeting the increased demand for training services.

Training Ground

Export help from a business incubator and more.

Package Deal

Combining homebased business issues could give bills a winning edge.

With Honors

Meet the winners of Avon's 1997 Women of Enterprise Awards.

Now Presenting...

The best approach to finding buyers for your idea.

The MMX Files

Investigating the phenomena surrounding Intel's new MMX technology.

Going The Extra Mile

Entrepreneur's 4th Annual Business Travel Awards.

Covering The Bases

Baseball agent shows it's not just whether you win or lose it's how you play the negotiating game.

A Smart Idea

Found something you like to do? Make it your business!

A Real Pain In The Back

Your source for Small-Business news, reviews, trends and troubleshooting.

Home-Office Computers

Use this guide when you're ready to purchase your business's most indispensable tool.

Beating Business Burnout

5 Remedies for relief when the pressure's on.

Mark Your Spot

New ideas for small and homebased businesses.

A Step in the Right Direction

How to find the business opportunity that's best for you.

Getting Your Fair Share

Why pay retail? Download affordable shareware to experiment with various small-business programs.

Order From Chaos

Maintaining your financial equilibrium on the roller coaster of an erratic income.

Hard Sell

Considering selling the family business? Don't decide on economics alone.

Fast Track

Entrepreneur and Dun & Bradstreet pick the 100 hottest new small businesses in America.

Patent Lather

Inventors are hit hard as Clinton proposes to take $92 million from the Patent Office.

Clip Art

Coupons can be powerful marketing tools if you make yours stand out from the crowd.

Bragging Rights

Received a compliment, praise or award lately? Play it up in your ads.

Growing Strong

Franchise and business opportunities at a glance.

Staying Alive

Could a former business come back to haunt you?

Silver Lining

Secrets of marketing to the mature consumer.

Clear Advantage

Focusing on your company's competitive edge.


Loan Program Targets Small Businesses

Rusty Business

Are your employees suffering from ''rustout'' ?

Point Of Reference

Providing references for former employees could put your business at risk.

Perfect Match

Boost profits by matching the right customer with the right price.

Mystery Date

Tip and trends for your growing business.

Taking A Spin

If you're looking for gains plus protection, consider the flexibility of convertible bonds.

Found Money

Capture increased tax savings with these 10 business deductions.

Direct Hit

With direct public offerings, entrepreneurs can take financing into their own hands.

Drill Team

Natural gas fuels stock at newly public company.

Bright Futures

Up-and-coming fund makes market inefficiencies work for you.

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