Entrepreneur Magazine: December 1998

Featured Article

Go for the Goal

15 New Year's resolutions that are challenging, constructive and attainable. Really.

May I...?

Getting permission to market to new prospects could snag you more customers.

Dare To Compare

Create persuasive advertising by revealing how your product beats the competition's.

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Setting The Tone

Color copiers may be grabbing headlines these days, but don't discount the standard black-and-whites. These workhorses may be all you really need.

Have No Fear

The thought of reading a franchise agreement got you shaking in your boots? Knowing what to expect can make it less intimidating.

Promises To Keep

We know, we know: Resolutions were made to be broken. But if you're serious about starting that business, here are 13 you shouldn't break.

Eyes On The Prize

Winning is just the beginning for Crown Trophy.

Wise Investment

Venture capital to grow by.

Taxing Matters

Remedies for a new entrepreneur's worst headache

What's New

Hungry for more?

Shop Talk

Here's your 'in' at the neighborhood mall.

A Taste For Business

From part-timer to sandwich king.