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January 1999

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January 1999

Entrepreneur | January 1999
January 1999
Entrepreneur Magazine

Tools For Tomorrow

The new millennium promises some ultracool--and ultrapractical--products.

Homeward Bound

Who's responsible when work-related accidents occur outside of the office?

Back In The Saddle

Retired family business founders are discovering a new role--as consultants.

Out With The Old

How to keep employees happy throughout the coming year.

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The Doctor Is In

University law clinics offer first aid to entrepreneurs who've been hit by an audit.

Breaking The Mold

This independent fund defies classification--but it has managed to pull off hefty gains.

Private Matters

If you're in need of capital this year, one thing is clear: IPOs will likely get you nowhere.

Do You Want To Know A Secret?

Listen up as top franchisees reveal how they got to where you want to be.

Freeze Fame

How this year's No. 1 franchise, Yogen Fruz, is getting its just desserts.

Treasure Hunt

Is franchise financing within your grasp? Sure--if your aim is true.

Now You're Cooking

What are the ingredients for franchise success? Our secret recipe for satisfying your entrepreneurial appetite.

Coming Attractions

Franchise trends: What's hot. What's not. What's next.

Braving The New World

Is the world getting smaller, or are our horizons getting bigger? Esteemed economics expert and author Rosabeth Moss Kanter reflects on the phenomenon of growing globalization in an exclusive interview.

Snack Attack?

Vending machines in your office may help.

PC Phenomenon

Cool new designs and low, low pricetags are the wave of the future. A look at the major PC trends coming your way.

Say the Word

Voice-activated computers, Web page editors and more.

On The Job

Online law guide, competitive salaries for employees.

The Future Is Now

'Star Trek' tech leaps out of sci-fi flicks--and into the palm of your hand.

So You Wanna Be A Millionaire?

No more excuses! One of these 11 ideas could turn you into the next Bill Gates.

Great X-pectations

Goodbye, slacker stereotypes; hello, Generation Entrepreneur.

Anything Goes

What would you do for start-up cash? From pilfering paper clips to mingling with movie stars, here are 8 entrepreneurs' never-say-die financing strategies.

Finance U

Student aid for start-ups, bank on the Web

Top This

Pizza delivers, audiobooks make some noise

Hot Stuff

Ready to make your move in '99? First check out our predictions for the hottest businesses of the year.

The Wonder Years

A look at how franchising and the Franchise 500® have changed over the past 20 years.

Quick Guide For Women Entrepreneurs

By Debra Phillips, Cynthia E. Griffin, Heather Page and Melissa Campanelli


12 ways to tap into the power of e-mail

The In Crowd

Popularity contest? You bet. Top trends for 1999.

Smart Ideas

To succeed in business, you have to stay on the cutting edge. Here are a few ways entrepreneurs are doing just that.

Designing Woman

Youth is anything but wasted on this twentysomething fashion maven.

Lessons Learned

Choosing a personnel trainer you can count on.

Flash Forward

Must-know management ideas to keep your business moving.

Needs To Know

Before choosing just any insurance package, analyze your needs.

Going The Distance

Travel costs are expected to soar this year.

A Glass Act

Who says art and business don't mix?

Middle Ground

Mediators can keep you out of foreign court.

Millennium Meltdown

Think the Y2K bug won't bite you? This is your wake-up call.

Grow Old With Me

Trend watch: bingo games, heat-and-eat lunches.

Mash Hit

Mashed potatoes, boot camp, chai tea.

Fast Forward

It's a new year for small business. We asked the SBA's Jere Glover for a glimpse of what's to come.


The security hazards of voice mail.

Property Rights

What gives you the right to your idea? We'll tell you.

Site Unseen?

If your Web site gets more misses than hits, the hang-up may be your home page.

Rebirth Of A Salesman

Losing your edge? Take an honest look at yourself before making your next sales call.

Where It's At

The year's hottest marketing trends to get your sales sizzling.

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