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Entrepreneur Magazine: July 2002

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SIFE Lessons


Crystal Gale

When the winds of change started blowing, this entrepreneur escaped the jewelry game and entered the world of bejeweled d├ęcor.

Keeping It Legal

I've got the knowledge and experience. Do I really need a piece of paper?

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Examine Your Co-Op(tions)

Feeling small and inconsequential? Get some small and inconsequential friends together, and you can be big.
Starting a Business

Look What I Found!

Make the most of the opportunities everybody else has overlooked.

Novel Idea

Two writers followed their passion for romance . . . and ended up with a love story of their own.

What's New 07/02

Set up shop by wiring the homes of the future.

The Way of the Samurai

An ex-football pro packs in the profits, Asian-style.

If the Shoe Fits...

Need a change? Put your best foot forward and take on a new franchise.

"Self" Respect

You can't deny consumers their desire to do everything themselves.

Wide Open?

Ultra-wideband awaits its big debut.

Fear Factors

Push people's panic buttons with these techniques for an alarmingly effective ad.

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