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July 2002

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July 2002

Entrepreneur | July 2002
July 2002
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After the Flood

With the flow of VC funding slowed to a trickle, let our list of the top 100 VC funds be your divining rod.

Tech Buzz 07/02

Get a gold seal of approval for your e-mail marketing messages; the skinny on the recently formed Organization for Internet Safety

Trucked Company

Who said the company car had to be a car?

Bargain Hunters

They've found your source of cheap consulting, and they're turning off the tap.

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Jordan Weisman

42, founder and CEO of WizKids LLC in Bellevue, Washington

Secure Sight

A video camera that's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand

In Your Sites

Got a computer? Then you have everything you need to take on the travel industry.

It Figures 07/02

Who's planning on investing in technology, what entrepreneurs use the Internet for and more

Growth of Women-Owned Businesses

What's going on out West? Women-owned businesses are growing out of control.

The Socially Responsible Entrepreneur

Doesn't funneling all your cash into business growth get a little old after a while?

Second Gig

Some entrepreneurs have to weigh the needs of the brand againist the needs of the band.

Space Case

Need a technology partner? NASA might've come up with a thing or two you can use.

Send a Card

Credit card debt got you down? If only you could get an SBA-backed loan . . .

Go, Team!

Prior to team-building, we didn't really have a word we could put after "Go . . ."

Sleeper Hit

Wearing pajamas isn't just for bedtime and escaped mental patients anymore.

Answering the Call

Trust corporations to know when the VC game is ready for new players.

Popular Mechanics

Only employees can keep a company running like a well-oiled machine.

Gear 07/02

Keep your broadband communications safe; BlackBerry gets a voice.

Hot Disks 07/02

CPR for PC problems, a fish that hunts for information and more

Cool Clicks 07/02

Sites that help you check your security on the Net and find the best search tools

It's Got Teeth!

Bluetooth is here--now figure out what you want it to do for you.

Relationship Issues

Is it time for your growing business to spring for a sophisticated CRM solution?

How's Your Health?

When health care is healthy, it's the industry to be in--and the current chaos in the sector may be the opening you need.

Corporate Climbers

What do you do when the next rung of the corporate ladder isn't enough motivation for you? These entrepreneurs transferred their climb to the world of franchising.

The Pull for Pull

ICANN is tightening its grip on uncontested control over Internet domains.

The Worst That Could Happen

It's time to face your worst business nightmares. Don't cover your ears and cringe until you hear how you can prepare yourself.

Turn It Up a Notch

When more money starts pouring into the economy, is it time to pour more money into your business?

Tales From the Dotcom Darkside

Harvard's Class of 2000 had the world in its hands.for a while. But what was it like to <I>work</I> at a dotcom--not start one--during the Net's heyday? HBS grads dish the dirt.

Bag Lady

It's a Hollywood story for this stylin' designer.

Crystal Gale

When the winds of change started blowing, this entrepreneur escaped the jewelry game and entered the world of bejeweled d├ęcor.

Keeping It Legal

I've got the knowledge and experience. Do I really need a piece of paper?

Examine Your Co-Op(tions)

Feeling small and inconsequential? Get some small and inconsequential friends together, and you can be big.

Look What I Found!

Make the most of the opportunities everybody else has overlooked.

Novel Idea

Two writers followed their passion for romance . . . and ended up with a love story of their own.

What's New 07/02

Set up shop by wiring the homes of the future.

The Way of the Samurai

An ex-football pro packs in the profits, Asian-style.

If the Shoe Fits...

Need a change? Put your best foot forward and take on a new franchise.

"Self" Respect

You can't deny consumers their desire to do everything themselves.

Wide Open?

Ultra-wideband awaits its big debut.

Fear Factors

Push people's panic buttons with these techniques for an alarmingly effective ad.

Let's Talk About It

In negotiation, it helps to know which questions work--and which don't.

Ride the Sold Train

No matter your budget, you can create retail marketing that screams "Hey, check me out!"

Seeing the Light

Your customer says he's too broke to buy your product? Show him another way of thinking.

Hold It, Buddy!

What to do when your best sales rep flies the coop and tries to take your clients along for the ride

Marketing Buzz 07/02

A retail lab to figure out how shoppes shop and saving money after the postal rate hike

Are You Surety?

You don't have to eat the loss when a supplier screw-up hurts your business.

Management Buzz 07/02

Why you need to spend quality time with your employees

Fire Proof

A thorough investigation is the only way to build a case against problem employees.

Can You Believe It?

How to tell the difference between a resume con and a typical dotcom

Keep It Simple

Will the feds succeed in untangling tax laws?

Balancing Act

Funds that combine the best of both worlds

Attacking a Loan

7 knock-'em-dead strategies to use when negotiating with hard-nosed commercial bankers

Out of Reach

Could proposed 401(k) overhauls put small-business owners in over their heads?

Buzz 07/02

The experts' take on the euro overhaul, why the SEC is setting up fake sites and more

On Your Owner

The argument for giving employees a piece of the pie

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