Entrepreneur Magazine: February 2004

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What Women Want

The growing economic power of women consumers is transforming today's marketplace. Find out how to tap into the desires of women--and watch your business take off.

Money Buzz 2/04

Tips for diversifying your investments, rising tuition and more

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Chip Ahoy!

Soon, handheld devices will harbor wi-fi chips.

Keyed Up

The SEC could force companies to take security more seriously.

Pump It Up

When it comes to making the sale, projecting a confident attitude is key. So what can you do to give yours a boost?

Getting Physical

An ad inviting prospects to interact with the publication in which it appears can really grab attention.

Take It Outside!

Looking for new marketing opportunities? Then maybe it's time to consider the great outdoors.

Shipping News

Strategy is everything when it comes to successful exporting.

Major Dough

A former baseball player decided to take a swing at making gourmet pizzas.

Testing, 1,2,3 . . .

Are tablet PCs Really all they're cracked up to be? We took one model for a spin to find out.

Measuring Up

Searching for a good idea? Just take a look out the window.