Entrepreneur Magazine: August 2005

Featured Article

Behind the Magic

How do stellar sellers work their magic? From the first cold call to closing the deal, discover the top sales secrets of some seriously successful salespeople.

A Day in the Life

Tag along with these 3 franchisees for a day, and see what it's really like to own a franchise.

Promised Land

U.S. companies find new opportunities by partnering with Israeli firms.

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A Penchant for Profits

Surviving rapid top-line growth requires a bottom-line focus to keep things under control.

Action Sacked

A new law aims to protect you from class-action suits.

Shock Value

Can a controversial ad get customers to notice your great offer? It worked for this company.

The Waiting Game

Lingering behind put this couple ahead of their competition in a new market.

Slogan's Heroes

Create a tag line that stands out from the competition.


Work full time? Still want to start a business? You can make it work.

Resources 08/05

Websites, organizations, events and more to grow your business

Up VoIP Creek

Have an emergency plan while VoIP providers work on 911 shortcomings.

Making Contact

Synchronization services can keep your contacts safe.