Entrepreneur Magazine: August 2006

Featured Article

Sales Shape-Up

Ready to ramp up your sales--fast? Our 30-day action plan takes your business to new heights.

Exception to the Rules

A new book doesn't bend to old business adages.

Setting the Mood

Spur brilliant ideas by spicing up employees' surroundings.

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Beachy Keen

Celebs, fashion editors and beach-goers give the stamp of approval to mix-and-match bathing suits with an international flair.

Friendly Fire?

Don't let a deal destroy your friendship.

Check 'Em Out on MySpace

Social networking sites spark unofficial background checks.

Glow On

This entrepreneur found a business idea in a material that sparked his creativity.

Broadband for Rural Regions

Broadband internet access for rural regions.

Close to Home

No need to look overseas--thanks to one entrepreneur, tech talent is just around the corner.

Trading Up

The basics on Section 1031 exchanges.

Exit Visa

With export financing options limited, some states are helping U.S. businesses go global. Could your company do with a ticket abroad?

Long-Short Mutual Fund Investing

An investment alternative for risky times